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Organizing Cloth Diapers - Part 2

image of cloth diapers

I posted a handful of cloth diaper storage ideas a couple of years ago (and the ideas are still great!), but I thought it’d be fun to share a handful more. Depending on how much space you have for storage, there’s literally a solution for EVERYONE’s needs.
image of bookshelf
KEEP IT SIMPLE At our house, we have a simple cube storage unit (pretty sure it was this one) with just a few bins (we picked some textured ones to up the “furniture-esque” appeal, but there are super inexpensive ones that work perfectly, too) that handle both Harpers clothes AND cloth. We also keep out-of-season and still-too-big clothes in an under-crib storage bin, which keeps things pretty minimal, and extra blankets and things hang out in her closet. It works for us!
image of hanging bookshelf
HANG IT UP The most mobile option of them all, hanging a cloth diaper stash using over-door storage is downright genius. As long as you don’t mind seeing the hangers on the door (and there’s a slight chance your door might not close all the way, depending on the space around it), this is an amazing (and portable!) option. Plus, less than $10 at Walmart?! That’s crazy. Similarly, there are also larger wire door hanging solutions if you need more storage.
image of storage shelves
GO TO THE WALL This seems to be the most popular storage I’ve seen online for cloth diapers, and in varying versions. From square shelves fit together to create a sort of mosaic to super long rectangular “fit all the diapers” shelves, it’s all about figuring out what your needs are and going with it. It’s also a great way to maximize your space. Just make sure you use wall anchors if you’re hanging it over where baby will be changed (but we’re sure you already knew that!).  
image of storage
  USE TRADITIONAL FURNITURE There are a couple of options here. With our older son, we painted/refinished an old dresser and kept his cloth stash in the top drawer (along with other essentials like onesies), adding a changing pad to the top for comfort. I love Hellobee’s setup above (and how organized is she with labels?!).
image of bedroom
But you could also think outside the box with an armoire. Part whimsical and romantic, part practicality it uses spaces wisely but also allows you to maintain the look you’re going for in the space. Wouldn’t this look awesome in a shabby chic or princess nursery? Heck, it would even lend a bit of magic to a woodland theme.  
organizing cloth diapers
No matter what system you have to store your stash, it’s always fun to see what others have figured out for themselves. So, share away! WHAT’S YOUR SETUP?
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