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Overcoming the Winter Slump with Cloth

image of tree with snow

We all get in a slump sometimes, right? In every part of our lives, sometimes the drudgery or stress can get us feeling low or less than excited about things.

This time of year can be tough. We're past the real heavy, super cold winter and spring is even tempting us with some snow melt and occasional sunshine, but it's still not quite nice enough to get into full-on nice weather mode. Y'know, when the littles are still wearing mittens and boots to avoid the muddiness but are also begging to get out their kiddie pools (even though it's still only 38 degrees). Here are some ideas to spark your passion again even in the dreary winter months: Take advantage of a weather change or switch up your laundry routine. A lot of the U.S. had a surprise February warm-up, and while it didn't last (why, hellooooo, snowflakes!), I saw so many friends take advantage by sunning their just-washed fluff outside. That sunshine isn't just good for cloth diapers, y'know. And even if you don't have super gorgeous weather, mixing up your laundry routine - maybe by hanging a clothesline in your basement or buying a drying rack - can change things up just enough to hit your own "reset" button. (Did I just say that doing LAUNDRY can help your mood? Yup. But, think about it - a switch-up in any routine can help your brain get out of drudgery.) Think "nice weather." You know what this means in my world? A bit of shopping. I'm really not a "buy all the things" type of girl, but I try to take account of what the kiddos need for the next season a little in advance. Plus, it helps the Easter Bunny hook them up with a few cute things. ;-) So, at our house this means looking for tops for 15-month-old Harper that will coordinate with our favorite cloth diaper colors. I'm one of those people that don't let the kiddos go around bottomless (I mean, just in their cloth!) all year 'round, so when the warm weather hits, that's when I throw on a cute t-shirt to match the day's fluff and call it a day. So, of course my shopping involves lots of fun tops that will show off how equally cute her fluff bum is. And is it weird that I look at hats and sunglasses for how they'll coordinate with her diapers, too? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Buy a new print. On the flip side of the coin, there is nothing like buying a new-to-me print (sometimes I'm behind the times) that we don't have yet to get me excited for warm weather. As adorable as our slew of colors and prints already are, a new one can bring a smile to Mama's face. Like I said, I'm really not a big shopper, but the occasional splurge is a downright necessity. So, what am I eyeing? Well, I still haven't picked up either cute watercolor print (Cactus Garden or Melon Party, I simply can't choose!)...and several in the Adventure Collection released last fall have me chomping at the bit to get outside and do some camping in the Adirondacks this summer, so I HAVE to pick one of those up. Our little Harper's a bird fan (her grandmother teaches her and her brother all the different kinds at her house), so Birdie may be coming to live with us. Actually make plans for the spring and summer. It may not be cloth diaper-related, but it helps me, so I figured I'd throw this tip in for good measure. Having something to look forward to - be it a fun trip, a nice-weather birthday party, or a local spot to visit like a zoo or park - can do wonders for your mood. So, make actual plans. If you enjoy gardening, buy your seeds and map out your garden for the year. Put a deposit on a rental property for the summertime. Start a moodboard for your child's July party (that's if they can hammer down their favorite theme, ahem - be grateful if your little one is still little enough not to have an opinion). Buy season tickets for your favorite zoo.

Whatever it is, do something tangible and LOOK FORWARD to the fun you'll have when the warm weather decides to stick around for good!

image of snowy tree

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