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Potty Trainer Fit & Function

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Potty training is a unique time in your cloth diapering journey and Thirsties Potty Training Pants are the perfect tool to use when it's time to potty train. Potty training can be difficult, but saving yourself from cleaning up accidents doesn't have to be. The Thirsties Potty Training Pant is the perfect potty training accessory to help avoid messes, prevent unnecessary laundry and make potty training just a little easier.

In this article, we're going to discuss sizing, fit and laundry basics of the Thirsties Potty Training Pant.

But first, let's check out Laura's 'Fit & Function' live all about the Potty Training Pant:

Since it's likely the first thing that will come to your mind when you go to select your Thirsties Potty Training Pant, let's start with sizing.



Small: 20-27 lbs (think the beginning of 2T or about 18 months)

Medium: 26-35 lbs (2T to 3T)

Large: 33-45 lbs (about 4T)

Extra Large: 42-56 lbs (end of 4T to 5T)

Fit Features


Thirsties trainers have larger leg openings allow kiddos to be able to pull up and pull down their trainers on their own. Thick waist elastic in the front and back also makes taking your trainers on and off easier.

There are four layers of certified organic cotton in the wet zone, along with a single layer of TPU waterproofing. These trainers are not meant to hold large accidents, but they will keep baby clean and dry for those small potty training accidents.



To prep your Thirsties trainers, you'll want to run them through no less than three wash and dry cycles. This will help your trainers get to their full absorbency. In general, you'll always want to dry your trainer on low or hang dry to best preserve the elastic and waterproof TPU layer.

At the end of the day, if baby or toddler has not had a potty accident at all, feel free to wash them like regular underwear in your normal load. If toddler has had an accident, remove all solids first. Next, either spray out your trainer or rinse it out in the sink before ringing it out.

If you are cloth diapering, all you need to do is throw it in with your cloth diaper laundry and you are good to go. If not, run a small load with some hand towels or other bulking items in a pre-wash on warm with a small amount of detergent. Then, run a heavy duty wash on hot with the recommended amount of detergent and an extra rinse. Dry as instructed above.

Potty Training Tips and Tricks


Checkout Laura's #ThirstiesLive all about potty training basics:

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