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Spring Activities for Tots

text on background of toys for spring activities

  It’s hard to admit that springtime has hit when we had snow as recently as Saturday in my neck of the woods. But I’m psyched to finally be able to get our kids outside more, recharge with some sunshine, and open the windows to help with spring cleaning (wow, I must be over winter if I’m anxious to get cleaning!). I love the changing of seasons, so the change is welcome! While I know that our son will take to running the yard IMMEDIATELY, I’d like to come up with some fun, spring-themed activities (both inside and out) for our 16-month-old daughter, too.   Here are some ideas I stumbled upon just for the wee ones that you may enjoy at your house, too:
child painting with water bottle
Soda Bottle Flower Print from Inner Child Fun - Super simple stamp art AND it recycles those soda (or water) bottles. Just make sure the bottom isn’t smooth.
vases with flowers on them
Flower Sensory Bottle from Kids Craft Room - I’d heard of them before, but never used a sensory bottle until my SIL made one for our kids - the instant calm and quiet that comes over them when they start turning it over and losing themselves in the floating objects is amazing. I adore the beauty in this floral, springtime version.
paint of flowers on tree on paper
Bubble Wrap Spring Blossom Tree from Arty Crafty Kids - Since my daughter’s art isn’t really about coverage and more just the experience, I think she’d do well putting little splotches of paint on the bubble wrap before laying it on the tree trunk. Plus, aren’t these adorable?!
floating plastic balls with text in an empty pool
Floating Rainbow Water Table from Simple Fun for Kids - Aren’t all kids mesmerized by water? We have a fun water table but sometimes a simple bucket with floaty balls is just as fun.
child skipping on pavement
Sidewalk Chalk Games from The Pinterested Parent - Sometimes my older son’s attention span doesn’t create for lengthy chalk art sessions, so I love that these ideas extend how much we can do outside. Plus, after he creates the art, our little daughter can use it along with him. (Lots of follow-the-leader at our house!) :-) Has spring officially struck where you live? How have you and your family enjoyed it so far? Please share in the comments so the rest of us in chilly climates can bask in your joy! ;-)
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