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The Cost of Cloth Diapering is to much for me!

It can be tough initially to make the leap to cloth diapers.  But you can save up to $2000 per child by choosing reusable diapers over
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disposables (from birth to potty training). Purchasing cloth diapers is a wise investment!  

Here are a few tips for making cloth diapering as affordable as possible: 1. Do your research. Read reviews and use trial programs to find out what system will work for you. Mommy blogs, online forums, and FB are a great source for word of mouth from other cloth diapering families. 2. You may find some great deals on Thirsties products in our Outlet Store. 3. You can save BIG by purchasing used diapers from: Baby Cotton Bottoms Cotton Babies Diaper Daisy Diaper Junction Diaper Jungle forum Diaper Swappers Kelly’s Closet Jillian’s Drawers 4. Find out if there is a cloth diaper bank in your area that could provide reduced cost or free used diapers for your family. Organizations such as Pregnancy Centers or County Health Departments may be able to help. There may be a Charitable Company in your area that donates cloth diapers such as: Teeny Greenies lends cloth diapers to anyone interested in trying cloth. Simply contact a local branch, currently found in Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Carolina, to obtain your "free trial". Kaw Valley Cloth is a Lawrence local cloth diaper cooperative. Our mission is to help make cloth diapering more accessible and affordable to all families. With those goals in mind, Kaw Valley Cloth extends access to the 'Cloth Closet', for diapers loans, to families who may not otherwise be able to afford the start up costs that come with cloth diapering. Additionally, Kaw Valley Cloth offers low/no cost cloth diapering classes and home visits to help assist with learning the ins and outs of cloth diapering! Organization that started 09/2010 to help less well off families to start cloth diapering.   When your baby grows out of one size, you can also resell your own cloth diapers fee-free at the Diaper Jungle forum, or Diaper Swappers. Many times you will be able to resell them for a return of 50% or more of your original investment! Turn that money around to help purchase the next size up. We wish you happy cloth diapering!
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