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The Easiest Cloth Diaper System: Thirsties One Size All In Ones

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Caregivers have all different priorities when it comes to choosing a cloth diaper system. For some families, the most budget friendly option, like the Thirsties Duo Wrap, is going to be the best fit. Other caregivers may need a diaper that’s highly customizable like the Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper. Some families need a combination of styles that will work for different environments, depending on whether baby is at home, day care or with friends. Mostly commonly, we are asked ‘But which cloth diapering system is the easiest? First let me say, cloth diapering itself is much easier than people believe it to be. Preconceived notions, misinformation or the selection of a diaper system that doesn’t quite match the lifestyle of that particular family can leave some feeling like there is something inherently difficult about using cloth diapers. However, the Thirsties One Size All In One (OS AIO) wins the award for the easiest cloth diapering system by a long shot. Let’s look at the one step design, fit recommendations and fiber facts about the Thirsties OS AIO.    

One Step Design

  So, what does a ‘one step design’ mean? The one step design means that the OS AIO functions and goes on almost exactly the same as a disposable diaper. The difference between the two would be that you are going to wash your Thirsties cloth diaper instead of throw it away in a landfill. See? Easy. Each One Size All In One is one change for baby. The cloth diaper itself doesn’t require any parts or pieces. There is nothing to snap in or add and each time the diaper is dirty, you’ll need an entirely new one. Because the entire diaper is one ready to use piece, the closest in concept to a disposable diaper and goes into your cloth diaper laundry as is without any unstuffing or unsnapping, it is by far the most simple cloth diaper system on the market. The One Size All In One is also the easiest to use for any caregiver, making it the most requested by day cares and alternate care providers. #ThirstiesTip If your day care or care provider is initially resistant to cloth diapering, try actually bringing your child and cloth diapers in to demonstrate how simple each change really is. More often than not, resistance to the idea of cloth diapering comes from misconceptions due to a lack of education. You might be surprised how many minds you can change just by demonstrating a OS AIO!  

Fit Recommendations

  Not only is the OS AIO a one-step change, but the One Size All In One can fit babies from birth through potty training. Because the One Size All In One is recommended for babies eight to forty pounds, you can get a great fit easily at all stages of your cloth diapering journey. Getting a great fit starts with adjusting your rise settings. Your rise snaps will control the overall length of the diaper and can help protect against leg gaps and leaks. There are three rise settings on your one size cloth diaper. The lowest rise, or snapping the diaper on the front panel all the way down, generally fits babies from 8 to 20 pounds. The middle rise, or using the second snap on the front panel of the diaper, generally fits babies from 20 to 30 pounds and using your one size with the rise all the way unsnapped generally fits babies from 30 to about 40 pounds. Once you have your rise settings selected, you can select the correct waist snaps easily. Make sure to choose corresponding upper and lower snaps to prevent bunching and gaps in your waist and snap the lower snap first to ensure you get a great leg fit. Although it seems like there are several steps to getting a good fit, and truthfully there are, once you get the hang of it, many of these steps will never have to be repeated. For instance, OS AIOs can be washed with the rise setting still snapped. So, once you choose the correct rise, you won’t have to adjust it for several more months. #ThirstiesTip It’s important to adjust your rise settings before your waist snaps. Adjusting the rise first will allow you to select the correct waist snaps and eliminate leaks easily. Once your snaps are selected, run your fingers around the elastic in both the leg and the waist. If they feel snug to baby’s skin with no gaps, chances are you have a good fit.  

Fiber Facts

  Every cloth diaper system needs at least two parts: something that is absorbent and something that is waterproof. Your absorbency + your waterproofing make up everything you need for one diaper change. Each diaper system will put these two pieces together in a different way. But, what makes up a Thirsties One Size All In One? This is where the ease of this diaper really shines. The top layer of the soaker pad and shell are lined with a stay-dry microfleece that wicks wetness away from baby, keeping baby feeling try and comfortable. The elastics on the waist and legs are completely lined with the same microfleece so that none of your TPU is touching baby. Not only does microfleece wick so easily, but it also makes diaper clean up a little easier. Solids tend not to stick to microfleece and sometimes using a diaper sprayer isn’t even necessary. (If you have yet to encounter toddler poop, please trust me when I say this is a huge benefit.) There are four total layers of microfiber making up your absorbency inside your AIO. Microfiber is a fast absorbing material, meaning you are less likely to encounter diaper leaks and your dry time will be quicker too. (Sign me up for less laundry time any day.) The outside of your AIO is waterproof TPU, meaning that you don’t need to add any parts or pieces to this diaper system. The microfleece/microfiber absorbency + the waterproof TPU are everything you need. #ThirstiesTip AIOs come in two different closures: hook and loop and snaps. We are commonly asked which is ‘better’ but honestly, it depends on personal preference. Snap closures are definitely easier to keep clean, but we always recommend that you consider the caregiver when making any cloth diapering decisions. Consider whether or not caregivers have the dexterity to squeeze together snaps or whether the of the hook and loop closure may be easier for caregivers who aren’t sure which snap is correct.  

Bonus: Customizing Absorbency

  Although this diapering system is meant to be used as a single, one step change, you can customize it to your baby’s needs by adding a doubler or booster to increase absorbency. If you choose an Organic Cotton Doubler, make sure to place your doubler underneath your AIO insert. This will allow the naturally wicking microfleece to do its job, while the doubler still gives you the benefit of more absorbency. If you choose a larger addition to your diaper like the Thirsties Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert, consider folding this insert slightly in the front to catch any flooding that can occur, while also placing it underneath the microfleece.  


  All In Ones were my first introduction to cloth diapering, and I truly loved them! I liked that I could explain how to use the diaper to my husband, friends, and family so easily. We definitely have used a lot of AIOs throughout our years of cloth diapering and I still get excited when I explain to new parents just how simple they can be to use. I did struggle with getting the right amount of absorbency into my AIOs as we got closer to potty learning. Adding a booster can really make all the difference if you find it hard to get to the one hour mark between changes. (Ideally, you’ll want to change baby every one to two hours, but if you are struggling to make it to the hour mark, please consider using a booster! It can make all the difference.) I always secretly loved how amazing Thirsties prints look in an AIO too. I was always ridiculously jealous of the mommas who could plan an entire day of AIOs in a cute little diaper lineup when I could barely remember if we had an diapers clean at all. I always swore I was going to do a diaper lineup shot eventually, but I was never that put together! #goals Are you currently using Thirsites All In Ones? Or are you still trying to choose the right cloth diaper system for your family? Tell us in the comments!You can shop Thirsties Wet Bags at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies.
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