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Thirsties Animalia Baby Shower

Thirsties Animalia Baby Shower It's remarkable how the right inspiration and theme ties together all the details for a perfect party. Thirsties Animalia Collection's mixture of bold and soft colors, the cute factor of animals, and appealing artistic elements make it the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower. In this post, we'll share ideas and inspiration for your Animalia baby shower. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post for a fabulous prize package from Thirsties, LÍLLÉbaby, Motherlove, and Project Pomona!

The Perfect Theme

Animals and nature are arguably the most popular theme for baby showers and nurseries. Thirsties Animalia prints offer a treasure trove of animal and natural elements. When drawing inspiration from a print don't forget to consider its details. Notice the elegant flowers in Elephantabulous,  the varying soft and bold textures Stand Tall's scenery, and the clean patterns and use of space in Plume. Mirror these complementary design ideas in the look of your shower and everyone will think you're the hostess with the mostess! Animalia prints

Wow Them with Color

Thirsties’ designers put A LOT of thought into developing each collection’s color schemes. We strive to come out with Collections that have a classic and stylish look while being gender-neutral. When drawing inspiration from Thirsties’ Animalia Collection for your baby shower pay attention to the role of main colors and their accents. Thirsties Lagoon Teal   Thirsties Animalia Collection has a fabulous mix of both bold and soft colors. When decorating for your shower choose your favorite color to play the starring role. Then add a couple of contrasting and complimenting colors to show your personal sense of style.
 Thirsties Bluebonnet

Don't Forget Gifts

Perhaps you're attending a baby shower and you want to give the perfect gift. Cloth diapers are gifts that truly keep on giving and Thirsties Collection packages are a cloth diapering family's dream come true. The packaging is so chic there's no need for gift wrap.
Thirsites Animalia Collection Package
Make your baby shower gift extra special by complimenting the diaper’s theme or eco-friendly sentiment. We've partnered with some amazing brands to give away the ultimate baby shower bundle. Children's books are one of our favorite gifts to give and Graeme Base's book, Animalia, actually helped inspire the name of the collection. This gorgeously illustrated alphabet belongs in every Thirsties baby's library. Project Pomona's made in the USA baby jeans and their 'Simple Snap waist system' grows with your baby just like your Thirsties cloth diapers. Can you imagine how cute these Hand Dyed Spruce jeans will be with an Animalia diaper peeking out the back! #TeamThirsties has been longtime fans of Motherlove's herbal care products for pregnancy, birth, baby, and breastfeeding so we had to include their versatile Green Salve in our prize bundle. Cloth diapering and babywearing are a match made in heaven. LÍLLÉbaby's elegant Eternal Love Ring Sling is 100% linen, lightweight, easy to use, and the Atlantis color scheme is a perfect compliment to the Animalia Collection. Thirsties Animalia Baby Shower Giveaway That is well over $200 of products you and your baby are sure to love! For your chance to win simply fill out the giveaway form below. Good luck and congratulations on your growing family! For more giveaways keep your eye out on Thirsties Instagram feed and join us on #ThirstiesLive Friday, November 30th at 1pm Mountain Time.
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  • I am such a huge thirsties fan. Everytime they come out with new prints, whether it be limited edition or a new collection, it is always beyond gorgeous. I love the attention to detail you have when creating these prints. These all will be definately added to the collection with baby #2 on the way!
    Love you all at Thirsties so very much!
    The Lenz Family

    Adrienne Baarda on
  • Awesome giveaway!

    Danielle Hageli on
  • Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Lori Walker on
  • Love this collection. Beautiful colors. Perfect for baby shower inspiration!

    Kamilah M. on
  • I love Lagoon! The only thing that would make it better is white trim, but the color is gorgeous regardless!

    Alison on

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