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Top 10 Uses for Your Wet Bag

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Have you ever wondered what you can do with your wet bag? The Thirsties Wet Bag is so multi-functional and we love it for storing our dirty cloth diapers. But what happens when you are done cloth diapering? Can you still use your wet bag?

Of course! Not only can you use your wet bag, but we want to show you all the different ways you can use your wet bag beyond the diapering years. Or maybe you are currently cloth diapering and have an extra wet bag (or five) laying around and you are just not sure what to do with it? Either way, wet bags are arguably the most versatile cloth diaper accessory. In this article, we will discuss the top ten uses for your wet bag as well as some tips and tricks that will help you use your wet bag beyond your cloth diapering years.

Here’s our top ten:

  1. Storing Clean Cloth Diapers
  2. Storing Swimwear
  3. Momma Cloth/Pumping
  4. Snack/Lunch Bag
  5. Packing a Suitcase
  6. Garbage Bag
  7. Momma Emergency Bag
  8. First Aid Kit
  9. Potty Learning
  10. Outdoor Activities

Let’s start with our cloth diaper crowd!

Storing Clean Diapers


Having an extra wet bag in your diaper bag makes planning and packing so much easier. Pack a wet bag for your dirty diapers and use a second to hold your clean diapers. It's a quick and easy way to keep your diaper bag mostly packed each night and just switch out clean diapers each day.

I love anything that makes getting ready with my kiddos easier. Keeping your clean diapers in a second wet bag and rotating also means that if you forget your dirty diaper wet bag, you will have an extra to use. That doesn't seem like an aspect that's immensely helpful until the very first time you do forget a dirty diaper wet bag and you have to hand carry a dirty diaper home from Target. Trust me, bring the dirty wet bag and the clean wet bag.

Storing Swimwear


A day at the pool or beach means sopping wet swimwear and another use for your wet bag! Take your wet bag with you swimming to store wet swim clothes and shoes. The waterproof TPU will keep your vehicle or bag dry and when you're ready to wash, you can throw your wet bag in the washer as well.

You can also use your wet bag to keep your after swimming clothes dry too. Headed to the beach? Because you can never have too many wet bags, consider storing your dry clothes in one wet bag and carry an extra for your wet and sandy swim items. Different colors and prints can help you keep them separate and storing your wet and dry items in separate wet bags will help keep your swim bag or beach bag clean and dry.

Momma Cloth/Pumping


Moms need wet bags too. Wet bags are great for dirty diapers just like they are great for momma cloth! When it's that time of the month, just grab a wet bag and use as you normally would for dirty diapers. And when it's time to wash your momma cloth, you can throw your wet bag right in with everything else.

But what if you are a pumping mom? Wet bags are perfect for all your pump parts and help to make sure you don't forget anything too. Have you ever gone to pump only to find that you forgot one tiny valve at home? Using a wet bag for your pump parts will help you keep everything organized and keep your clean pump parts clean and dry.

#ThirstiesTip Keep a small list of all the pump items you need when packing your wet bag inside the bag. This will help you make sure everything is accounted for each time you pack.

Snack/Lunch Bag


Snack or lunch bags might be my favorite alternate use for wet bags. Wet bags can keep messes at bay should anything spill inside and for those with large families, help you organize snacks and lunches as needed. When snack or lunchtime is over, there is no need to find a trashcan. Just pack everything back up in your wet bag and take it home to wash.

#ThirstiesTip Most of the time, your wet bag won't even need a wash for this use. Use a damp cloth to wipe the inside of your wet bag and you will be ready for the next meal or snack. However, if you do have a leak or spill, wet bags wash up quickly and easily along with your other laundry.

Packing a Suitcase


Packing for several days can be rough, but wet bags will help you keep everything organized. Some parents prefer to do a wet bag for each day's clothes and some prefer to organize everything by the type of item. This is another instance where different colors and prints will help you to keep everything separated and straight.

#ThirstiesTip Use wet bags on the way home from your trip to store dirty clothes and keep them separate from anything that hasn't been worn. This way, you don't have to wash clean things unnecessarily because they were mixed in with dirty clothes.

Garbage Bag


Wet bags can be used for garbage bags in your vehicle, office or on the go. It always seems that my kids generate some sort of trash every single time we get in my truck. I'm not exactly sure why there is so much trash all the time, but wet bags make excellent garbage bags both in my vehicle and at my desk. And because they are reusable, I know we aren't adding to a landfill every time we need a new trash bag.

#ThirstiesTip Wet bags are perfect for picking up trash without getting your hands dirty. Turn the wet bag inside out, place your hand inside and pick up the trash. Turn it right side out again and zip.

Momma Emergency Bag


My personal use for a wet bag is as a mommy emergency bag. In it, I keep a chapstick, a small hairbrush, a bar of chocolate, an extra truck key, a phone charger and a mascara. You can customize your mommy emergency bag however you want and everything will stay clean and dry. I leave this bag in my truck and forget about it until I forget something at home and out it comes.

#ThirstiesTip I do this for the baby too. Pack two extra diapers, an extra outfit, wipes and an extra Thirsties Booty Love and leave it in your vehicle until the next time you forget the diaper bag at home.

First Aid Kit


Just like my mommy emergency bag, we also have an emergency first aid kit inside a wet bag in my vehicle. Extra bandaids, Neosporin, gauze, and small scissors are packed and put in the seat back pocket of the truck. The next time anyone gets hurt on the go, out the wet bag comes. Bonus: it doubles as a place to keep dirty gauze and bandaids for the aftermath.

Potty Learning


image of diaper with giraffe print

Potty learning? You're going to go through more outfits than you think. A lot of outfits. Enter Thirsties wet bag. I keep one for all the Thirsties training pants and clothes that took the brunt of accidents and one for all our clean changes. It's perfect because I can just turn over the dirty wet bag in the wash, drop it in and go.

Outdoor Activities


Summer is just around the corner and we will be camping, hiking and playing every day. We always have some pair of shorts that got muddy, a shirt that has spilled, sticky Gatorade on it and/or some time of injury that results in dirty clothes. We keep a wet bag in our travel pack for all of these instances and whatever else we might encounter when we get outdoors and play. The Thirsties snap handle is also particularly nice because we can attach it to our travel pack and keep it easily accessible.



Let's be real. I can think of a hundred other uses for my wet bags as we literally never stop using them. It's a great excuse for me to get the latest Thirsties prints, even though our toddler has now potty trained. How are you using your Thirsties wet bag? Share your wet bag uses in the comments!

You can shop Thirsties wet bags at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies. And don’t forget to checkout Thirsties Instagram feed, @thirstiesinc.

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