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Unconventional ways to use a Wet Bag

Sure the wet bag is a "must-have" cloth diapering accessory; there are few that would argue with that statement. I, however, want to show you the unconventional ways to use your wet bag. Okay, so these are my ideas, no one else's, but I think they're unconventional. You've heard that you can use them for your wet and dirty diapers when you're out and about. You can use one at the beach to put your wet swimming suit in for the ride home. What else can you do with it? When you put your mind to it, the possibilities are endless! 1. It's winter and if you live in the northern part of the country a wet bag is the perfect pairing for that sledding party. It's amazing how sopping wet those hats, mittens and scarves can get, especially once they're in the car. Using a wet bag keeps everything contained so your car doesn't get wet (or freeze on the inside!). 2. Keep those beverages cold! It's hard to think about a need to keep beverages cool, I mean it was 30 degrees here in Minnesota today, however, when it's hot and humid outside using a wet bag to transport drinks is not a bad idea. I think it's easier to carry with you, throw in the back of the stroller or in the diaper bag. 3. Got make-up? Need to travel? Use the wet bag!! It's washable, won't leak, plus the prints are cuter than any make-up bag that I've ever seen. 4. You know how when you fly in a plane anything that's in a liquid, gel or fluid form, will inevitably ooze out all over your suitcase? Now, I haven't tested this out yet but I'm curious if you could put those items into a wet bag, check your bags and if everything would stay contained in the wet bag. My experience with wet bags tells me that this would work perfectly, however, the zippered part is what makes me wonder if its waterproofness would hold up to the pressure changes mid-flight. Again, this are very unconventional ways to use a wet bag. I probably wouldn't use a wet bag that I'm presently using for my cloth diapers but I would purchase another one to use for non-cloth diaper useage. And when I'm done using cloth diapers on my babies, when they're no longer babies (I've still got a few more years left!), I can still use my wet bags. It's like the cloth diaper accessory that's forever useful.
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