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Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

 Now that Earth Day is over, you'd think we'd be all done with the whole "find ways to improve our planet" thing, right? But, nope! I'm trying to make a concerted effort to MAKE EVERY DAY EARTH DAY. After all, it's our home 365 days of the year; why just look for ways to help it on ONE day, or one week, or one month? The good thing is that many of us already make everyday Earth Day. Whether you cloth diaper for an economic reason, environmental cause, cuteness factor, or some other awesome reason, you're still doing a huge part to help cut back on unnecessary waste. It's true! Even if the only environmental choice you make is to cloth diaper, your impact is massive.
So, since everyday IS Earth Day, I thought it'd be fun to share a round-up of some ways to get your kiddos into the spirit of environmentalism.
 hungry caterpillar necklace

Hungry Caterpillar Toilet Paper Roll Craft from Kids Activities Blog

Of course I had to start with this one because a) our family is NUTS for Eric Carle and b) I've been collecting all of our empty TP tubes for a craft just like this one. Perfect! Extra points for reading the book while wearing the "necklace"!


Nature Craft Collage from Kids Activities Blog

Who doesn't love a fun collage? Plus, this one gives you an excuse (as if we really need one) to go on a nature walk to collect your "art supplies".

sensory bin

Garden Sensory Tub by No Time for Flashcards

Sensory tubs are great for fine motor skills, concentration, and just good ol' fashion fun! I love that this post includes some books (two of my favorites - seriously, The Gardener is historical and uplifting and just generally all around engaging) to go along with the tub's theme.

garbage sort

Sort the Recycling/Garbage Game by No Time for Flashcards

Again, this post is made all the more awesome with suggested reading, but the idea is great on its own. Cut out images from old magazines and have your child sort them into the different "bins" to get them thinking about what items are recyclable, what goes straight into the trash, and maybe even what could be reused.


Read a Green Book...or Two!

I actually read several of these every year with my younger library students. What's better than reading to teach the importance of conservation and a love of the planet? (Let me just add my new favorite to this list: The Tree Lady. There are tons more I could add, but my students have loved it!)

butterfly garden

Plant a Butterfly Garden by Kids Garden

What better way to celebrate the Earth than to dig your hands down into the soil and grow some plants? Whether it's flowers, veggies, herbs, (or even a tree!), the experience is just as important as what you grow.


Melted Crayons(!) by Skip to My Lou/Make It and Love It

Reuse those broken, non-pointy crayons (do your kids get picky like my son does? I can kind of understand how frustrating it is when you're learning to write and color) by making new, fun crayons in cool shapes! We saw these types of "crayons" at the Eric Carle Museum awhile back (they really do help you color Carle-like pictures!) and we've been dying to do it ever since.
Or, just pick your own "Act of Green" to take on together as a family! Aside from cloth diapering, what are some ways that your family makes it Earth Day every day? 
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