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What To Do With Your Cloth Diapers When You Do Not Need Them Anymore

Your baby has finally potty trained, and you no longer need your diapers. What do you do with them? We posted this 242reuse00question on our Facebook page, and this is what our fans had to say:
  • save them for another baby
  • donate them to a local diaper bank
  • sell them
  • donate them to a family who needs them
  • use them for rags
  • loan them out to friends/family
  • repurposing prefolds into trainers
  • donate to a friend or family member
  • donate to a shelter
  • donate to a foster home
We love these sustainable ideas. On this post, we would like to focus on donations. There are certainly many organizations or individuals who can benefit greatly from your donation. First look in your own community, and if you cannot donate locally, look to national or international charities. Here is a list that we have compiled for ideas on who you can donate to: Locally and/or Nationally
  • Friends/family
  • Diaper banks
  • Pregnancy centers
  • County health departments
  • Shelters
  • Loaves N Fishes
  • Foster Homes
Nationally: By State: International:
  • Orphanages (They are always very thankful to receive diaper donations)
  • Nappy Libraries (similar to diaper banks)
  • Cloth For a Cause: (Canada) Accepts diapers which are repairable
  • Diapers need to be clean and odor free, and free of defects so that they are useable, unless otherwise specified.
  • For orphanages, they have limited water/detergent resources, and need options that are durable and easy to clean. Prefolds with covers are usually the best option for donations.
  • Make sure that the diapers are clean and completely dry before storing or sending.
If you know of a charity or organization that would accept cloth diapers that I have forgotten, please let us know!


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  • I hope to be able to pass mine along to someone else that can use them. Hopefully someone else in my family will get in on CDing!

    Traci on
  • Wow i had no idea that there was ever such a thing as diaper banks. Thank you for this blog post. I will now donate that cloth diapers i an not a fan of to one.

    April on
  • I like the idea of donating, I’m passing some of the diapers I don’t use to a friend that is starting her stash

    Sarah O on
  • Cool, I never thought about donating them. I just figured you passed them on if you were lucky enough to know someone who wanted used diapers

    Charlo on
  • We have been able to use most if not all for our 2nd and most are still usable for our 3rd! I am definitely thinking of donating some of mine to the local high school for their economics program to expose some students to the idea of using cloth too

    Beth R on

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