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7 Alternative Uses for Cloth Wipes

image of cloth wipes

One of the best things about Thirsties organic wipes is their versatility. Needless to say, a regular, disposable wipe has a one-time use - and then gets tossed away. Cloth wipes, on the other hand, have a multitude of uses, and we’re sharing some of our favorites today! ***These uses are only for after thoroughly washing your wipes. Just so we’re clear. ;-)*** “Family” cloth - I don’t use them this way, personally, but many families looking to reduce their waste swear by “family cloth” as a replacement to toilet paper. Just look at it as using the baby’s wipes as your own, I guess. ;-) Washcloths - This may be a no-brainer but Thirsties wipes are also perfect washcloths. Like, you could go buy a set (or several) for your bathroom just for this purpose. Knowing that they’re an organic option with two buttery soft layers means that they beat the heck out of the rough store brands AND come in super fun colors. What’s not to love? DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes - After potty training, your wipes aren’t done working for you. (Make sure you’re definitely done because some cleaners will void your Thirsties warranty.) Try making DIY reusable cleaning wipes to help cut back on your family’s waste. We keep a container of these under the sink in the bathroom (because while our older son is potty-trained, things can still get a tad messy) and just mix a variation of the solution to re-moisten once in awhile. Plus, it smells WAY better than store-bought. Rags - Hand-in-hand with the cleaning wipe idea, Thirsties wipes make great cleaning rags when they’re done wiping bums. (Did I just go there? Yup, I did!) So, again, give them a good cleaning and toss them wherever you need rags for wiping things up. The two layers - one a super soft organic cotton, the other a super absorbent terry cloth - give you options when wiping up spills or needing some more “grab” when scrubbing something. Plus, they’re not too thick, not too thin. Essentially, they’re the Goldilocks cloth. Dusting/cleaning floors - A lot of people swear by microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning wood surfaces, but for some reason they always seem to snag the skin on my hands (and my hands really aren’t dry, which is perplexing). I’ve heard I need to put them through the wash a few times to amend this, but it hasn’t worked. Y’know what does work? Cotton and terry cloth. Bam, problem solved. Washing/drying the car - This goes for reaching all those cracks and crevices inside your car, too! But, if you’re hoping to avoid leaving streaks, give these a try.

DIY Makeup Removers - Another way to cut back on waste is to try out this DIY makeup remover wipe “recipe”, which includes natural alternatives to the many nasty chemicals often found in the store-bought versions. I’m pretty bad at remembering to take off my makeup at the end of the day (or I shower in the evening so it’s a non-issue), but I could’ve used these wipes during my community theater days! Oh, the cakiness! These are just a few ideas to get you started! We’d love to hear any of your own uses for cloth wipes aside from wiping tushies in the comments. Share and share alike!


image of cloth wipes

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