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A Handmade Father's Day

father's day crafts

Father’s Day was kind of a bittersweet holiday in our household growing up. My mom was raising her four children alone after losing her husband to cancer, so it obviously brought up those empty feelings for us all year after year. Luckily, we had a grandfather who filled the role as best he could, so we took any of those negative feelings, along with our handmade gifts from school, over to his house to celebrate the day every year. Watching him turn over our precious, clumsily-made items in his hands with such joy and pride made everything better. fathers-day-ideasFast forward 30 years and I now not only have a wonderful stepfather to celebrate, but a super loving father-in-law and, most importantly, my husband. I wasn’t sure what a role of “father” was supposed to be - what it really looked like - but he has surpassed any and all expectations. He has been the epitome of a parenting partner. Super caring and thoughtful, ever patient and willing to explain anything our 3-year-old, I couldn’t be luckier to be raising children with him and building a foundation of love, openness, and respect for every member in our household. Plus, the kiddos look a lot like him, which makes for cuteness overload. To say nothing of the fact that he’s a HUGE fan of our cloth diapers. (I still remember when we first started dating many years ago and he’d have to LEAVE THE ROOM when a diaper commercial came on. He just couldn’t NOT be grossed out by the thought of a poop catcher. Fast forward seven years and he’s a pro. Isn’t it funny how that happens?) So, what do you do for whatever special father (or father figure) you’ll be celebrating this Sunday? Here are a few ideas that I’ve dug up for those handmade, can’t-buy-in-a-store cards and gifts that will melt Daddy’s heart and hold a place on his shelf for years to come.

21-DIY-Fathers-Day-Cards-Fish-Card via The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman


via She Knows


via Kaminski’s Creations


via Solis Plus One


via i heart arts n crafts


via CBC Parents


via Miss Tyler-Smith’s Montessori Blog

Don’t tell my husband, but I think the taped coloring art/card will be part of his gift this year (along with a Himalayan salt lamp for removing those negative ions at work - shhh!), but I’m totally tagging that superhero one for next year!

What are you doing to celebrate any fathers this year?? We’d love for you to share your own ideas below! Save
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