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What's Your Cloth Diapering Personality?

We all love different styles of cloth diapers for different reasons. Ease. Cost. Eco-friendliness. Adorableness. (Is that a word?) So, I thought it would be fun to throw together a bit of a "personality assessment" according to the different types of cloth. THIS IS FOR ENJOYMENT'S SAKE ONLY, 100% ENTERTAINMENT. We hate generalizations, and some may be totally off (or you could fall into more than one category -- I actually fall into several, LOL), so just have fun with it! :-)   cloth-diaper-personality COVERS AND FLATS/PREFOLDS, PLEASE. You're a parent who loves to get more bang for your buck. Snappis, Boingos, or just plain old-fashioned pins don't phase you in the slightest. You've also rigged the perfect, low-cost way to clean off your messy dipes (can you say "poop spatula"?). This parent also loves meal planning, couponing (possibly even extreme couponing!), and frequenting garage sales. You also don't mind things a little old school, be it music (rockin' to the oldies?), food (meatloaf and mashed potatoes and Jell-O with fruit cocktail are da bomb), or furniture (antiquing for the win!). FITTEDS ARE FABULOUS. See Covers/Flats/Prefolds description, but add that you're a mix of old school and modern, loving the ease of fitteds over flats/prefolds but the versatility of covers and wraps. Can we just say it? You're versatile, too. People can't pin you down, and it's a wonderful thing. Love a good old movie but need the latest techie gadget? A history buff who can get down with a good Housewives marathon? You're a lil' bit country, a lil' bit rock 'n roll, and all awesome. ALL-IN-ONES, ALL THE WAY. Your motto is "easy-peasy does it." You like to think that the simplest way is often the best, even if sometimes it costs a little more to get there. Other parts of your life are streamlined, too. Being a mom is complicated enough; finding ways to simplify things helps you organize not only your surroundings but your mental clutter, too. You know your favorite wardrobe and stick to it. Your house isn't full of a million different colors; just the ones that work best for your family. Even your furniture is simply what you need and your house isn't cluttered with tchotchkes (well, for the most part; toys are a whole other story). A parent who knows what she likes and doesn't like to over-complicate things.
POCKETS ARE PERFECT. You like things just so. Pockets offer you the ability to adjust absorbency. You may also prefer one-size options because you can adjust the size for your child perfectly.You're also a person who doesn't mind some good organization. Everything has a place and you don't mind fussing a bit to reduce clutter. You have a perfect spot for your diaper stash (and all your other baby gear and toys). You're the mom who can move mountains, get to appointments on time, and preside over the PTO and never miss a beat. You always put your best foot forward. Heck, there's a good chance you just might be Wonder Woman. cloth diaper types DOESN'T MATTER THE STYLE, AS LONG AS IT'S ECO-FRIENDLY. Crunchy mama extraordinaire! Your reason for using CDs is purely environmental. You love natural fabrics with no chemicals and scope out the BST groups for second-hand dipes to cut back even further on waste. You also love using cloth wipes. Some of your favorite non-cloth answers to life's little problems may include coconut oil, breastmilk ("just put some breastmilk on it, it'll clear that right up"), amber teething necklaces, and essential oils. (Kale is optional but preferred.) You stalk Mama Natural's YouTube channel, love reading about zero waste and tiny houses, and write to your elected officials asking them to oppose GMOs. Your backyard may contain a rain barrel, compost bin, garden...or possibly all three. Keep fighting the good fight! DOESN'T MATTER THE STYLE, AS LONG AS IT WORKS. You're a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. You've figured out your routine; the perfect diaper for daytime, a different super absorbent solution for nighttime, an easy one for grandparents, and a great travel option. You're the epitome of a Life Hacker. You're uber creative and have tricks for every one of life's little problems. On a trip and happen to visit a home without babyproofing? A hairtie will tighten up that cabinet. You don't need Pinterest; you're a natural spring of great craft ideas and fun recipes all on your own. DOESN'T MATTER THE STYLE, I JUST LOVE THE FUN PRINTS. It's all about design and aesthetic with you! This mama loves to check out the latest decor blogs like Design*Sponge and Yellow Brick House (while mourning Young House Love) and pins lots of birthday party decor and outfit ideas. You're a detail-oriented person. Even when you're lacking in sleep and haven't showered in awhile, you can still make a topknot bun and leggings seem super pulled-together. The other moms love you for throwing the best ever play dates and knowing just the right snack to offer. NO MATTER WHAT "TYPE" (OR NON-TYPE) OF PARENT YOU ARE, KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK. WE KNOW YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL IS A HAPPY, HEALTHY CHILD AND YOU'RE TOTALLY NAILING IT...REGARDLESS OF WHAT'S ON THE BUM!
So, which one describes you? Let us know if we're spot-on or way off in the comments!
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