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A "Hope"ful Diaper for Giving Diapers, Giving Hope

There’s a new diaper out that I am going absolutely crazy for. Ready for it?

gdgh-hope-1 I know, right? The design alone had me cry a good, old-fashioned Joey Tribiani “how YOU doin’?” With origami cranes and clouds (raise your hand if you remember trying to make 1,000 with the rest of your class back in the day!) and watercolor accents, it’s sweet and adorable while still super modern and fresh. But what made me actually click “Buy” was the cause behind the print. Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is an organization that was started in 2011 as a local cloth diaper bank. Through the support of amazing individuals and companies (of which Thirsties is a humble and proud member), GDGH continues to thrive and grow, currently able to provide diapering assistance to 30-60+ families each month. They can describe what they do way better than I can: [embed][/embed] Aren't those statistics hard to swallow? Along with Kelly’s Closet, Thirsties is proud to help handle the inbound donations by sorting and shipping the cloth diapers to approved families.

new print assortment

As a way to show Thirsties’ ongoing support of GDGH’s awesome efforts and to say “Happy 5th  birthday, thanks for all you do!”, all sales of the Hope diaper will go directly to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

Let me say that again. ALL SALES from the Hope diaper are going to GDGH. 100%. Not a portion (which would still be awesome). Not half. All the proceeds. That’s huge. So, while this is a limited edition release and some vendors have sold out, it’s worth it to search out a style of your choosing (sorry, they only come in snaps!) to support such a wonderful cause.


Thanks for your support of not only Thirsties but of the Thirsties extended family - the ones who are working so hard to provide low-income families with the ability to majorly reduce the cost of diapering through the use of cloth diapers. By alleviating this cost, we truly believe that GDGH is offering what they set out to give; yes, diapers, but just as importantly, hope.

***And if your family hasn't started cloth diapering and is having a hard time making ends meet, check out GDGH's application policy to see if your family qualifies to receive free diapers.***
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