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Thirsties' All In Two System

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Are you in search of a cloth diapering system that takes the guesswork out of cloth diapering? The Thirsties All In Two system is simple and effective. AI2s are easy to use, easy to clean and so budget friendly.

In this article, we're going to breakdown the definition of an All In Two system, the benefits of using AI2s, how to build a collection and how to prep your diapers.

What is an All In Two System?


An All In Two system, or AI2, literally means that everything you need to cloth diaper your baby is included all in two simple pieces: a waterproof cover or Duo Wrap to keep leaks away and some sort of absorbent core. Your absorbent core can consist of a prefold, an AI2 insert, or really any sort of insert/booster combination that you like.

How you choose to customize your AI2 system to meet your needs is up to you and there are tons of Thirsties products to help along the way. The trick is to pin point the needs of your baby, your lifestyle and your budget first. Let's explore some options.

Benefits of an All In Two System


The biggest benefit of an All In Two system is that you can potentially reuse your cover up to three separate times, while only changing out your absorbency. Not only does this make diaper changes quick and easy, but it cuts down on costs as well.

As long as your baby has only wet their diaper, you can wipe out their Duo Wrap or cover, grab a new insert and change baby while reusing your cover. You can do this about three times before you need a new cover, unless baby soils their diaper, in which case you would want to grab an entirely new cover as well.

Another benefit of the AI2 system is that it cuts down on storage space, given that you will only need to purchase 24-30 changes in absorbency rather than 24-30 separate All In One diapers. 8 covers plus 24-30 inserts should be all you need to fully diaper your baby for two entire days (the length of time we recommend you go between washing).

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Building a AI2 collection


SO, how do you go about building your AI2 collection? First, you'll need to choose a Duo Wrap or cover size for your kiddo. Duo Wraps actually come in three sizes; size one fits babies 6-18lbs, size two fits babies and toddlers 18-40lbs and size three is designed to fit toddlers 40-60+ lbs.

If covers are your waterproofing of choice, you'll have a few more size options to choose from. Covers range in size from newborn which fit babies 4-10lbs all the way to large which fit babies 28-40lbs.

Once you've chosen your waterproofing portion of your system, you'll need to choose some absorbency. There are lots of absorbency options including fitteds and prefolds, but the trimmest options are going to be the AI2 inserts.

The original Stay Dry Duo Insert comes in two sizes, size one and size two and combines the signature Thirsties five layer hemp/organic cotton jersey knit insert with a microterry and microfleece synethetic insert. The newer Natural Duo Insert is topped with three layers of 100% certified organic cotton, combined with a bottom insert made of the same signature Thirsties five layer hemp/organic cotton jersey.

However, if you put the best aspects of both these inserts together, you'd end up with the Stay Dry Natural Duo Insert. The Stay Dry Natural Duo Insert has the same 100% cotton top layer insert of the Natural Duo Insert, but it is topped with the same microfleece later of the Stay Dry Duo Insert. It's the best of both worlds both in terms of ease of cleaning and quick absorbency for baby.



Don't forget to prep your inserts! Every natural fiber product you receive from Thirsties will need to be prepped before it is ready to use on baby.

How do you prep your inserts? You're going to want to wash and dry your inserts three separate times to ensure that all the natural oils have been removed from your fibers before you give them a go on baby. You can throw them in with your regular cloth diaper laundry and call it a day.

And that's it for the All In Two system! This system is simple, convenient cloth diapering for baby and mom. For more information on Thirsties All In Two System, checkout Laura's Thirsties Live all about the cool benefits of AI2s:

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