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The Perfect Fit: Thirsties' Newborn Fitted

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There are so many different Thirsties cloth diaper systems to choose from and one of our favorites is the Thirsties newborn fitted.

In this article, we are going to discuss the newborn fitted system, how to fit it on your baby and how to pair it with a cover for maximum leak protection.

The Newborn Fitted System


The name 'fitted' actually comes from the fact that the absorbency is shaped to fit your baby, verses a prefold diaper that would need to be folded to fit your baby.

The newborn fitted itself will be all the absorbency you could ever need in an overnight diaper, but because there is no waterproofing attached to this diaper, you will need to pair it with a Thirsties extra small cover or size one Duo Wrap.

The body of your fitted diaper is comprised of three layers of the Thirsties bamboo/cotton blend, while the insert carries four layers of the same bamboo/cotton blend absorbency.

The Fit


Fitting babies 5-14lbs, the newborn fitted comes with what we call rise snaps on the front, allowing you to size the diaper up and down as needed.

5-14lbs is actually quite a large weight range and the great thing about this diaper specifically is that your baby won't outgrow the absorbency of this diaper before they outgrow the size. The bamboo/cotton blend provides enough absorbency that many parents choose to forgo boosters in favor of the built in absorbency that is present in the newborn fitted.

One of the coolest features of the newborn fitted, which is unique to newborn diapers, is the umbilical snap down which allows for extra room where the umbilical cord stump would normally lay.

Pairing With a Cover


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So, here's the million dollar question: do you need a cover? To be honest, it depends on when/where baby is using diaper. In your hospital days, when you are awake during the day and checking baby's diaper often, we would say go ahead and skip a cover. Know that your diaper won't be fully waterproofed, but in this situation, it probably isn't anything to worry about.

Out and about, overnight or starting to go for longer feeds/gaining weight? It's time for a cover! In this instance, you can choose to go with either a Thirsties extra small cover or size one Duo Wrap. Remember, because there are no rise snaps on a Thirsties cover, you'll want to make sure that you grab the extra small size and you can size up later on.

Care and Use


As with any natural fiber from Thirsties, you'll want to wash and dry your newborn fitted diapers three times before use. By doing this, you'll be washing away the natural oils contained in these fibers making them extra absorbent.

For normal care and use, start with your prewash cycle on warm and add a small bit of detergent to start with. Then, use the heavy duty selection on your machine with hot water and the normal amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your machine. Add an extra rinse and you are ready to air dry or tumble dry on low.

So, why do we love the newborn fitted? Bamboo/cotton blend protected elastics plus the elastics present in your cover or Duo Wrap mean that you have double the protection from leaks and blowouts day or night!

Generally, you'll want 24-30 diapers in your cloth diaper stash, but because this system pairs an absorbent interior with a waterproof exterior, you only need about 8 covers to pair with your 24-30 newborn fitteds.

Need more absorbency? A Thirsties Newborn Cotton Doubler can quickly and easily give you more absorbency while not over bulking your diaper.

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