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Can I Still Use Cloth Diapers for Preschoolers Over 40 lbs? An Overview of the Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap

Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap
Traditionally, most cloth diapers fit babies and toddlers through 40 lbs. At the 40 lb mark, many toddlers have moved on to cloth trainers and the potty learning phase of their life. But what if your toddler or preschooler hasn’t? Kiddos do things in their own time and every kiddo is different. And just like some preschoolers learn to ride a bike at three and some learn at seven, some aren’t necessarily ready to potty learn just because their bodies hit the magical 40 lb mark. Enter Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap! Brand new to the Thirsties lineup this summer was the Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap. In this article, we are going to breakdown the design, fit, care and absorbency options for the new Duo Wrap as well as discuss care for both regular and sporadic use. Because this fit is different than anything else in the current Thirsties collection, let’s start there.

Fit Help

Thirsties Rise Settings
Thirsties Rise Settings[/caption]   Is getting a great fit on your Size Three Duo Wrap hard? No. Can we help you get that perfect fit? Yes. Achieving the perfect fit on your Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap starts with the rise settings. The lowest rise setting (or the set of snaps on the front panel furthest away from the waist) is typically used for preschoolers 40-48lbs. The middle rise setting (or the set of snaps on the front panel closest to the waist) is typically used for preschoolers 48-56lbs, while letting the rise all the way out (completely unsnapped) is ideal for children 56lbs and above. Choosing the proper rise setting will help you tremendously when trying to get a great fit. Once your rise setting is chosen, you’ll need to choose the proper waist snaps. You can do this by using the snap closest to your child’s hip first and then adjusting the snap closest to their belly button. Once you have completed your snaps, your Duo Wrap should look fit and flat without bunching in the front panel, back panel or hip area. Looking a little bunchy? Make sure that your absorbency is laid in your Duo Wrap as flat as possible. This will help your child feel more comfortable and help you get a great fit. You can also run your finger gently around the waist and leg elastics to ensure that you don’t have any absorbency peaking out, ready to cause wicking. If so, just tuck it back into your Duo Wrap and stay leak free. #ThirstiesTip When trying to achieve the perfect fit with your Size Three Duo Wraps, choose the correct rise snap first and the correct waist snap second. Securing the rise setting first will give you a much better chance of selecting the correct waist and getting a great, leak free fit.


Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap
Thirsties Size Three Duo Wrap[/caption] The Size Three Duo Wrap has all the thoughtful design features that we know and love about the original Duos. Although this Duo is specifically designed to accommodate children 40-60lbs, the fit features are very similar to other Duo sizes. Snap placement is very important on this particular size. The waist snaps on the Size Three actually have the same spacing as the other Duos, there are just more of them across the front panel. The wing snaps are a little further apart, to accommodate stretch, and the rise snaps are further apart as well. So what does this mean and why are we talking about it? This means that the Size Three Duo is specially made for preschoolers and beyond as they grow, but still allows for a perfect fit. No bulky or awkward in-between stages and no leaks! The signature Thirsties double gusset is present on the Size Three Duos as well and offers extra leak protection for long car rides, naps and nighttime. There is also a full three and a half inches of TPU on the inside of the front panel to protect against tummy leaks. If you’re not already familiar with Thirsties Duo Wrap, you will probably also notice that the front panel has elastic, help caregivers to achieve that perfect fit. #ThirstiesTip Still nervous about leaks? Duo Hemp Prefolds make great mattress protectors for naptime! Lay a size 2 Duo Hemp Prefold under your kiddo during naptime for extra leak protection and wash right along with the rest of your cloth diaper laundry.

Laundry Care

Thirsties Floribunda Duo Wrap
Thirsties Floribunda Duo Wrap[/caption] Size Three Duo Wraps can be washed and cared for just like any other Duo Wrap size. One wash with cloth diaper safe detergent before use is all you need for prep because there is no absorbent material in your Duo Wrap. In general, your wash routine should look something like this:  
  • Warm pre-wash with half the amount of recommended cloth diaper safe detergent
  • Hot heavy duty wash with the full amount of recommended cloth diaper safe detergent
  • Rinse
  • Hang dry or dry on low
Duo Wraps dry very quickly when hang drying, so I don’t even bother with the dryer. (I also don’t trust mine…) If you choose to dry on low, make sure to use a time dry so that you don’t accidentally overdry. Fun fact: The fact that this section is so short is one of the things we all love about Duo Wraps in any size. Easy prep, easy care! #ThirstiesTip Not all detergents are created equal. Although Thirsties provides a detailed list of recommended detergents, there is a similarly detailed list of products that are not recommended for your laundry routine. Also, remember that you need to use an actual detergent to get your cloth diapers clean. Products like vinegar, essential oils or laundry balls are not enough to clean your cloth diapers.


  In general, a cloth diaper is made up of two components: something that keeps your diaper waterproof and something that absorbs liquids. Absorbency is one of the most customizable aspects of the Duo Wrap system, no matter which size you choose. There are many styles to choose from, and all of them will work with your Duo Wrap. Thirsties Duo Hemp prefolds are easy to use and super thirsty (get it?). Duo Hemp Prefolds have two panels and a total of twelve layers of the Thirsties signature 55% hemp/45% organic cotton blend. Natural fibers make them easy to clean and the trifold method will allow for extra absorbency in the center of the diaper, where preschoolers tend to flood. Duo Hemp Prefolds come in two sizes, but they are so trim that they can easily be doubled or have an extra insert added for even more absorbency. The Stay Dry Duo Insert is another absorbency option. The first insert is constructed of two layers of the Thirsties fast absorbing microfiber terry and topped with the stay-dry and stain-resistant microfleece. The second insert is made of the 55% hemp/45% organic cotton jersey blend. Both snap together to create the perfect stay dry absorbency option. The third absorbency option is the Thirsties hemp insert. Hemp inserts are trim, made of natural fiber (that signature Thirsties hemp/organic cotton blend!) and can easily be used alone or added to one of the above options to maximize absorbency. Hemp inserts come in two sizes, which makes them ideal for use as doublers inside your prefolds or underneath your Stay Dry Duos. #ThirstiesTip There are very few ‘rules’ when it comes to absorbency. You will find what works for you, and what doesn’t, pretty quickly. However, don’t get rid of the components of your absorbency stash that aren’t perfect for your kiddo right now. They may be in the future and you will be glad that you kept them.


  Potty learning can be a struggle for any parent. Some preschoolers just aren’t ready when they hit the 40 lb mark and yet, their parents still want to use cloth. The Size Three Duo Wrap is such an important way to include more families, more kiddos and provide more options to caregivers who need them. Potty learning was not something that our family struggled with however, there are so many other aspects of parenting that I always feel other parents are just nailing and I can never seem to do successfully. (My preteen is currently making me question everything I ever thought I knew about being a mom. All. Of. It.) I wanted to share this as a reminder that even if you are struggling with the potty learning stage, there is another equally difficult stage that you are rocking. Every kiddo is different and just like us, they are doing something amazing right now. #4 refused to take a step until 15 months on the dot and can now outrun her five year old brother. #2 wouldn’t eat anything except yogurt for at least six straight months and yet, he had a kale smoothie for breakfast this morning. #3 is five and to this day, will not put his shoes on the right feet, but can outskate kids significantly older than him on the ice. Let’s stop worrying about the specific day each kid decides to complete each phase and instead, arm them with the right tools to get them through that phase. Because they are rocking something too. Need a Size Three Duo Wrap? You can shop Thirsties Size Three Duo Wraps at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. Want more information about Thirsties cloth diapers? Join Thirsties on Facebook or the online community, Thirsties Groupies.
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