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Which All In One Cloth Diaper is the Most Absorbent? An Overview of the Thirsties Natural One Size All In One

Thirsties Natural One Size All In One
Thirsties Natural One Size All In One: Flutter By and Set Sail[/caption] So many caregivers are hoping to convert their cloth diaper collection to natural fibers, but still want a trimmer fitting All In One option. However, they aren’t willing to sacrifice absorbency for a trim fit. Adding several boosters or doublers to accommodate less absorbency isn’t always ideal, especially if a trim fit is important to your family. Thirsties Natural One Size All In One (NAIO) not only offers a natural fiber choice, but is one of the trimmest AIOs on the market and is made right here in the USA. The hemp and organic cotton blend contain eleven layers of absorbent fibers and the one size design fits babies 8-40 lbs. In this article, we are going to breakdown the design, fit, prep and care and ways to troubleshoot the Thirsties Natural One Size All In One. And because the design of this particular cloth diaper is so thoughtful, let’s start there.


Thirsties Natural All In One Set Sail Thirsties Natural All In One: Set Sail[/caption] I’m not even going to discuss prints because 2018 Thirsties prints have been absolutely gorgeous and I would need a separate article for each one. Moving right along… I often struggled with AIOs with my crew because there was always something on my ‘must have’ checklist that was missing. If you haven’t tried a Thirsties OS NAIO yet, this section will basically be a giant list of ‘here’s why you absolutely need to’. The Thirsties OS NAIO has eleven layers of absorbency: three layers of organic cotton sewn into the TPU shell and eight layers of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton between the two soakers. At first glance, I was sure that the trimness of this AIO would mean that I would be looking for more absorbency, but it was actually the complete opposite. Fully prepped, the OS NAIO was shockingly absorbent and still as trim as it gets. One of my favorite, and yet seldom mentioned, feature of the Thirsties OS NAIO is the two inches of TPU under the front panel that prevents tummy leaks. The extra leak protection doesn’t take away from the absorbency, but helps make nap times and car naps so much easier. The two absorbent soakers inside this diaper are attached on the front panel, just like the original AIO. However, natural fibers make this diaper easy to customize without having to worry about which part of your synthetic absorbency is closest to baby’s skin. #ThirstiesTip Do you have a tummy flooder? You can easily fold one soaker in half or even in thirds to give babies that tend to flood their diapers extra protection in the front panel.

Fit Help

Thirsties Rise Settings Thirsties Rise Settings[/caption] The Thirsties Natural One Size All In One is recommended to fit babies 8-40lbs. Three rise settings on the front panel of the diaper help to achieve this. The lowest rise setting (referred to as the snap furthest away from baby’s waist and closest to baby’s bottom), typically fits babies 8-20lbs. The middle rise setting (referred to as the snap directly above the lowest rise setting), typically fits babies 20-30 lbs while leaving the rise snaps all the way open (typically the way the diaper will arrive to you) accommodates babies 30-40lbs. Once you have chosen the proper rise setting for your baby, it’s time to fit their waist. This particular AIO has a double waist snap to make fitting your diaper even easier. Choose the waist snap on the wing of your diaper closest to baby’s leg first and then choose the corresponding hip snap to complete your fit. What if I finish putting my new Thirsties OS NAIO on baby and it doesn’t look quite right? Here are some tips to help check your fit:  
  1. Run your finger around the inside of the leg and waist elastics. If you can feel any of the insert material sticking out, you’ll need to tuck it back in. Yes, that’s the very technical cloth diaper term: tuck it back in.
  2. The perfect fit is flat! The bum, crotch and front panel of your diaper shouldn’t have any visible bunching, twisting or overly tight tugging. You’re looking for a flat TPU material on all sides of your diaper. If your fit isn’t flat, it’s ok. Remove and unsnap your dipe and try again.
  3. Your rise snaps control the length of your diaper, while your waist snaps control the tightness of the waist and legs. When troubleshooting, make sure that you adjust the correct set of snaps.
  4. Having a good estimate of your baby’s weight will help you find the perfect fit more quickly. (I’m the worst example of this, so it’s completely fine if you don’t know. I have yet to remember anyone’s birthday correctly the first time our pediatrician asks, so don’t stress.) A rough estimate of baby’s weight will prevent you from unsnapping and resnapping every setting until you find the proper fit. Think of it as a Thirsties cloth diaper shortcut.
  #ThirstiesTip Choosing your rise setting before you choose your waist snaps will give you a much more exact fit and make choosing the proper waist snaps that much easier. Rise first, waist second.

Prep and Care

  Cloth diapers only reach their full potential when they are properly cared for. This means fully prepping your OS NAIO, having a great wash routine and continually using cloth diaper best practices will keep your Thirsties looking great and super thirsty. To prep your OS NAIO, you will need to run your diaper through at least three wash and dry cycles, using cloth diaper safe detergent, to rid the fibers of all the natural oils that the hemp/organic cotton blend contains. Three wash and dry cycles with the proper detergent and you are ready to use your diapers. To care for your OS NAIO, you will need a cloth diaper safe detergent, your washer (or method of handwashing you prefer) and access to hot water. Prewash on warm with half the amount of recommended detergent followed by a heavy duty was on HOT with an extra rinse. Dry your diapers on low heat or hang dry and you are ready to go. #ThirstiesTip Fully and completely prepping your Thirsties hemp products actually takes eight wash and dry cycles. You can begin to use your diapers after three wash and dry cycles, just know that you won’t reach full and complete absorbency until your eight wash and dry cycles are finished.


  So, let’s say you get your OS NAIO, you get it home and things aren’t quite perfect. Let’s be honest: Not every style or fit is exactly perfect every change. Here’s a quick OS NAIO troubleshooting list that you can use to help you cloth diaper successfully:
  1. Your diapers are leaking. Cloth diaper leaks actually mean that there is something in your wash routine, your fit, your absorbency choice or your schedule that needs to be adjusted. Maybe your diapers need to be stripped, or maybe you just need to reevaluate the rise settings. It’s possible that it may be time to add a doubler or that baby is simply staying in their diaper too long. Don’t give up! Leaks are normally a quick fix and very preventable. So check your routine and your fit, considering doubling up and don’t forget to fit in a change every one to two hours.
  2. Your diaper is leaving marks on your baby’s waist or legs. This a common fear among parents new to the cloth diapering experience. However, it’s usually more of a fear than a reality. When worrying about elastics leaving marks, consider sock lines. As long any marks leave quickly (like the ones made by your socks), your fit is just fine. If there are any recurring marks that are present longer than the ones left by your sock, it’s time to consider letting your rise setting out or moving your waist snaps out a touch.
  3. You’ve checked all the above reasons for leaks, but your OS NAIO still isn’t as absorbent as you feel it could be. Skipping a full prep is going to be the culprit in this case. Have I ever used a diaper that wasn’t 100% prepped? Sure. Is it a good idea if you want to achieve full absorbency and avoid leaks? No ma’am. Remember, it takes eight wash and dry cycles to completely prep your Thirsties hemp products. You can begin to use your diapers after three wash and dry cycles, but in this case, eight really is a magic number. #sorrythree
#ThirstiesTip Still feel like you need some extra absorbency? Grab a Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipe and fold in thirds. You can insert the wipe into the center of your soaker pads easily or just fold it around the outermost soaker. You get to use something that’s probably already a part of your cloth diaper routine and baby gets a little absorbency boost. #winning


  Choosing a cloth diaper style can be a touch of trial and error, so don’t feel like you are alone if you don’t end up loving the very first style you choose. However, I would strongly encourage you to try the Thirsties OS NAIO as it just checks so many boxes, even for the cloth diaper veterans out there!  When we first began cloth diapering my oldest, we tried multiple brands, so many styles and countless wash routines. Literally, every single detergent, combination of boosters and inserts, shells and fibers you can imagine. I learned very fast that simple, effective and high quality were the rules to live by and it's served us well. Have you tried the new Thirsties Natural One Size All In One? We'd love for you to share your tips and tricks in the comments below! You can shop Thirsties Natural One Size All In Ones at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies.
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