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Easy ways to be *extra* sustainable with Thirsties!

Summer is definitely here and the high temps are rolling, so while we are trying to beat the heat, lets explore some ways that you can help Mother Earth stay cool with sustainable practices and products by Thirsties Baby~
1) Line drying your laundry and diapers:
Not everyone can string a laundry line outside to use nature to dry our clothes, but inside there can be places to string a line with a fan or well ventilated room to help the dryer run less. Even showers have easy attachments to run across to hang dry a few items here and there, every bit helps! The natural fragrance of line dried clothing from outdoors is light and airy, perfect for these hot days.
image of woman and child
2) Running appliances in the cooler evening hours:
Energy bills have taught us that using our appliances in peak hours can cost us more money in addition to extra energy spent. Planning on washing clothes, using the stove, running the dryer, dishwasher, etc...when it is during the cooler twilight hours, or early in the morning, will save money and energy.
image of laundry room
3) Using reusables over single use items:
While a bit broader in usage, replacing single use plastic items in the home with sustainable options not only saves money long-term, but reduces the carbon footprint of those items from production to delivery. Washing a few extra dishes from a family picnic over paper plates, replacing disposable swim diapers with reusable ones that can be laundered, reducing the ziplock bags for storage and food and instead trying cloth ones, all are small ways that less petroleum products come into your home just to promptly go into the trash. 
image of bags holding food
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