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Where Can I Find a Pocket Diaper with Natural Fibers? An Overview of the Thirsties Natural Pocket

image of the inside of a thirsties diaper
  So, you love the customizable Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper, but you really want to eliminate synthetic fibers from your cloth diaper rotation. Or maybe you need the trimmest pocket diaper you can find with all the Thirsties fit features that you already love. The new Thirsties Natural One Size Pocket Diaper is a natural fiber option for pocket lovers everywhere. This pocket is brand new to the Thirsties line up and has many of the signature Thirsties features you may already be familiar with. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the new Natural One Size Pocket Diaper:
  • Fiber Facts
  • Fit Features
  • Prep and Use
  • Care
Let’s get down to the fiber facts.  

Fiber Facts

  The outer shell of the new natural pocket is made of the same waterproof TPU material as the original pocket. However, the inner shell of the new natural pocket has a 100% organic cotton layer, rather than the microfleece stay dry layer of the original pocket. And, of course, the Natural One Size Pocket inserts are made entirely from natural fibers. The full-size insert contains five layers of 55% hemp/45% organic cotton and the newborn insert includes three layers of 100% organic cotton. Both inserts snap together, if desired, but can also be used individually. The ability to customize your pocket diaper is what makes this style so popular. If you need more absorbency for nighttime, you can even add an extra booster to your pocket. If you have a new baby and don’t truly need two inserts, feel free to use only your newborn insert and save the full sized version until baby grows. #ThirstiesTip You can repurpose older prefolds that baby has outgrown into pocket inserts. Just tri-fold your prefold and stuff your pocket like you normally would with your inserts and remind yourself, and any friends or relatives that said this would be hard, that cloth diapering is really easy and you deserve another coffee.  

Fit Features

  The Natural One Size Pocket has the same design and cut as the original One Size Pocket Diaper. And because the size and shape are the same, your fit is going to be almost identical as well.   Double Gussets The Natural One Size Pocket has the same double gusset feature that we are already loving on the original Thirsties One Size Pocket, Duo Wraps, Covers and Swim Diaper. The double gusset provides an extra layer of protection from leaks and blowouts. It is an inner leg gusset that should sit in the crease of baby’s leg (think bikini line) when fit properly. Soft bindings protect baby’s skin and advanced leak protection keeps the mess contained.  
Thirsties Main Squeeze Print
Three Rise Settings Three rise settings on the Natural One Size Pocket help achieve the perfect fit and allow your diaper to grow with baby. Because this diaper is recommended for babies 8-40 lbs, the smallest rise setting (completely closed) should fit babies through about 18 lbs, the middle rise (one snap down) should fit through about 30 lbs and the largest rise (completely open) should fit through 40 lbs. Keep in mind that all weight recommendations are just guidelines. They are almost like places to start when you’re new in town and don’t know where the best coffee is yet. Each baby’s body is shaped differently, and some recommendations may not fit your baby exactly. The good news is because this diaper is so adjustable and truly one size, there will be a setting that fits your baby. Just start with the recommended settings and adjust as needed. Kind of like starting at the popular coffee place until you find the perfect little cafe with the comfy chairs and that one table by the wall that has four outlets. (Because your laptop, your phone, and the toddler’s iPad are forever dying a slow death) #ThirstiesTip Remember to adjust your rise settings first. Finding the perfect waist snap will be so much easier if you are already starting at the best rise setting for your baby.
Thirsties Rise Settings
Double Waist Snap I really love the double waist snap and the wide wing of this diaper. It allows for a flat fit in front and helps to eliminate wing droop as baby becomes more mobile. The double waist snap also helps to get a more exact fit in the leg area. The double gussets and double waist snaps work together to keep leaks away, keep baby comfortable and achieve that perfect fit.   #ThirstiesTip Do you prefer to lay your inserts on top of your pocket diaper rather than stuff it? No problem. Just make sure to run the tip of your finger around the leg elastic to gently tuck your insert into your waterproof TPU shell to prevent wicking.   Trim Fit Because the Natural One Size Pocket has one 100% organic cotton insert and one 55% hemp/45% organic cotton insert, the total fiber thickness is about half that of the original One Size Pocket. Natural fibers make for a trimmer fitting diaper and make it easier to get a better fit all around. #ThirstiesTip The best fit is flat! Do a quick fit check by looking for bunching and excess material. If your diaper looks like there are areas with ‘extra room’, check your rise settings and waist settings and try again.   Pocket Design The Thirsties pocket design is easy to use and very thoughtful. The pocket itself is open at the front and back of the diaper, meaning your inserts will agitate out in the wash. No more diving deep to the bottom of your wet bag to separate inserts from shells like you’re sifting through the kitchen trash hoping that’s where your toddler put your car keys. Not only will your inserts agitate out in the wash, but the open design of the pocket makes it easier for caregivers with larger hands or limited dexterity to stuff diapers. This is an especially important feature if you have multiple adults responsible for child care or you have multiple adults responsible for washing your cloth diapers. #ThirstiesTip If dexterity is a significant problem when it comes to stuffing your pocket diapers, don’t be afraid to lay your inserts on top of your pocket to make it an All In Two. Because the Natural All In One contains no synthetic fibers, it is not truly necessary to place your inserts inside your inner pocket.  

Prep and Use

  Do I really have to prep my diapers? Yes. You really have to prep your diapers. But what do we mean when we say your cloth diapers must be prepped? The Thirsties Natural One Size Pocket needs to be washed and dried at least three full times before use to rid the fibers of the natural oils. Make sure to prep your new diapers separately from those already in use. You want to ensure that all the oils are removed from your diapers completely before you put them into your regular diaper rotation. Although three wash cycles will be enough to remove natural oils, maximum absorbency is not reached with Thirsties cotton/hemp blends until eight washes. You can still use your diapers after the three wash and dry cycles, but just know that your diaper will continue to increase in absorbency for several more washes. #ThirstiesTip If you choose to use your diaper after washing and drying three times, but you need a little extra absorbency, this would be a great time to grab a booster! You can use an organic cotton booster to add absorbency without adding bulk while your diapers reach their full absorbency.  


Thirsties Main Squeeze and Hala Kahiki
    How do I wash my Thirsties Natural One Size Pocket Diaper? The perfect wash routine will be slightly different for everyone. Your wash routine may vary depending on your water, washer and your lifestyle. In general, here’s a simple and effective wash routine that will help you keep your Natural One Size Pocket diaper, and all your other Thirsties products, clean and ready for baby:
  1. Pre-wash in WARM water
  2. Wash in HOT water
  3. Rinse in WARM water
  4. Hang dry or tumble dry on low
Any solids, excluding those of an exclusively breastfed baby, must be disposed of prior to washing your diaper to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned in your washer. What if I accidentally forget to put detergent in my cloth diaper laundry? You want to ensure that all the ammonia, feces and bacteria is completely removed from your diaper, so you’ll still need to do your normal cloth diaper routine. If you realize at any point during your wash routine that you forgot to add your laundry detergent, start your routine over completely. Don’t panic, your diapers will be fine. If nothing else, they received a bit of a deep clean this trip through the laundry and will smell wonderful when they are done. #ThirstiesTip When you find the perfect wash routine for your family, you can write it down or print it out. Tape it to the top of your washer and grab a paperclip. Secure the paperclip to step one of your wash routine and begin. Every time you move on to a new step, move your paperclip so that you will never forget (and any other adults in your home will always know) which step of your wash routine comes next!


  Some parents and caregivers have found themselves reluctant to try pockets in the past because they want to use natural fibers for baby, and while this is understandable, you are really missing out! Pockets can be so versatile and customizable. And remember, there are very few true cloth diaper ‘rules.’ Can’t find your pocket insert? Grab a prefold! Hate stuffing your diapers? Lay your insert on top of your shell, use it as an All In Two and go. I prefer to spend more time worrying about how to eat stroopwafels for breakfast without anyone seeing me than whether or not I’m cloth diapering the exact same way as another parent. Have you tried the new Thirsties Natural One Size Pocket Diaper? If so, leave us a comment and tell us what you love most about the newest addition to the Thirsties product line. Have you been hesitant to try pocket diapers? If you have reservations or questions about pocket diapers, we want to hear them. Leave us a comment and let us know what’s holding you back. You can shop Thirsties Natural One Size Pocket Diapers at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more Thirsties updates and info, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies.
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