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What Type of Diaper Should My Baby Wear in the Pool? An Overview of the Thirsties Swim Diaper

Thirsties Swim Diaper
  Even caregivers who have been using cloth since birth ask quite frequently ‘But what do we use in the pool?’ The thought of having a diaper leak at the pool is understandably stressful. Last summer, Thirsties introduced us to the new Swim Diaper! Naturally, my first instinct was to tear into the box and compare it to every Thirsties product on the shelf.   So, in this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Thirsties Swim Diaper:
  • Sizing
  • Fiber Facts
  • Prep and Use
  • Fit Features
  • Care
Let’s start with sizing.  

Choosing a Size

  The Thirsties Swim Diaper is similar to the Thirsties Duo Wrap in cut and design. If you have a good idea of which Duo Wrap size fits your baby best, choosing a Swim Diaper size will be easy. The best way to begin choosing a size for your baby is by having a good idea how much your baby weighs. Size One: The Size One Swim Diaper is recommended for babies 6-18 lbs Size Two: If you are approaching the toddler stages, don’t worry. The Size Two Swim Diaper is recommended for babies 18-40 lbs When compared to the cut of the Duo Wrap, you will notice that the Swim Diaper is cut more narrow and shorter than the Duo Wrap design. This is because the Swim Diaper is designed to be used without absorbency, if you so choose, while the Duo Wrap is designed with the addition of inserts and prefolds in mind. The wings of the Duo Wrap are also wider than the Swim Diaper for the same reason. The Swim Diaper can also be used over a disposable swim diaper as a waterproof cover, if needed. Remember, if you choose to use your Swim Diaper this way, you should still plan to wash your Swim Diaper with your other cloth diaper laundry.   #ThirstiesTip If you decide to add a disposable swim, make sure to double check that the material of your disposable swim is completely contained inside your Thirsties Swim Diaper to prevent it from absorbing pool water. You can do this easily running your finger around the edges of the leg and waist elastic and tucking any extra material into your cover. This will ensure that there is no absorbent material outside your waterproof TPU and will keep pool water out of your baby’s diaper.  

Fiber Facts

  The outer shell of the Swim Diaper is 100% Polyester with waterproof TPU laminate and the inner is a 100% Polyester mesh. What does all that actually mean in the cloth diaper world? This means that your adorable cloth diaper will contain the dirty messes and let you swim worry free. The inner mesh will make cleaning a breeze and because there are no layers of absorbency attached, drying will be quick and easy. It also means that prepping your Swim Diaper will be slightly different than your normal cloth diaper prep, so let’s move on to prep and use.  

Prep and Use

  Because the Swim Diaper doesn’t have the layers upon layers of Thirsties absorbent material, prep is simple. Just give it a wash and dry to make sure it’s clean and you’re ready to go. Have I ever cheated and grabbed a new swim on the way to the beach with no time to wash and dry? Yes. BUT, your local Thirsties retailer was at least several stops into your diaper’s journey to your hands, so it’s really best to wash first. Throw your swim in with your next load of towels, hang it over your vacuum that you forgot was still in the middle of the hall and call it a day. (Or use the giant Lego tower in your living room or that weird lamp your brother-in-law gave you that you can’t get rid of… you do you. You’ll find zero judgement here.)  

Fit Features

  Thirsties Swim Diaper   Getting a good fit on your cloth diapers, no matter the style, is essential. Swim Diapers are no different and there are so many fit features on the Thirsties Swim Diaper that make getting a great fit quick and easy. Double Gussets: If you are new to Thirsties, you may or may not be familiar with the double gusset design. The Thirsties double gusset can be seen on Duo Wraps, One Size Pockets, Covers and now Swim Diapers. The double gussets help protect against leaks, which is especially important on pool days. You never ever want to be the parent at the pool whose baby ruined everyone else’s pool day... Two Rise Settings: Both sizes feature two rise settings. Although this is the standard for many Thirsties products, I mention it because getting a great fit on a Swim Diaper is so important. You may be using your swim diaper without any absorbency inside, which will make a less than perfect fit not only obvious, but prone to leaks as well. Two rise settings allow you to adjust your diapers easily as baby grows and get a great fit every time.   #ThirstiesTip Adjust your rise settings first. You will spend less time adjusting your waist snaps to find the perfect fit if you are already starting on the best rise setting for your baby.   Hip Snap The hip snap feature is new to Thirsties products and helps to prevent wing droop on your Swim Diaper. Sagging diapers are no fun in the pool! The hip snap was added to the wing in addition to the double waist snap and together, they make fit a breeze. The waist snaps on the swim are also slightly closer together than some of the other styles, like the pocket, allowing for a more exact fit.   #ThirstiesTip Snap your hip snap before your waist snaps when fitting your Swim Diaper. This will allow you to get a more precise fit and ensure your waist elastic is flat across baby’s back.  


  How do I wash my Thirsties Swim Diaper after our pool day is done? Throw it in with your normal cloth diaper laundry! Your wash routine may vary depending on your water, washer and your lifestyle. In general, here’s a simple and effective wash routine that will help you keep your swim diaper clean and ready for summer:
  1. Pre-wash in WARM water
  2. Wash in HOT water
  3. Rinse in WARM water
  4. Hang dry
Remember to dump any solids before adding your Swim Diaper to your diaper laundry and store your diaper laundry in an open diaper pail or wet bag. What if I accidentally throw my Swim Diaper in with my other pool laundry? Again, add it to your next load of cloth diaper laundry. You want to ensure that all the chlorine, ammonia and waste is removed from your diaper, so you’ll still need to do your normal cloth diaper routine. If your swim accidentally takes a trip through your washer with your towels and suits, it’s okay. Just remove it from the load when your cycle is done and add it back to your dirty diaper laundry.   #ThirstiesTip If you are headed to a chlorinated pool, do a quick rinse in the sink before you leave. This will prevent the chlorine smell from lingering and make cleaning even easier. If you have any solids present, take a second of relief to remember that they are in your swim and not in the pool (winning). Then dump the solids and rinse before your swim heads to your wet bag.  
image of child in cloth diapers


  Some aspects of parenting can seem overwhelming. Taking four kids to the beach? If you are doing this on a regular basis, you’re incredible. The thought of taking all four of them to the grocery store alone is just… I’ll go ahead and pour another cup of coffee just thinking about it. The snacks, the random four jars of Kalamata olives I bought last time because my toddler thought we needed those, it’s always such a hot mess. Ditching disposable swims and making the switch to cloth swim diapers makes pool days so much easier. Thirsties Swim Diaper has so many great fit features and that double waist snap/hip snap combo? That one might be my favorite. You can shop Thirsties Swim Diapers at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more Thirsties updates and info, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies. Do you need a new Thirsties Swim Diaper? The official launch of the new Swim Diaper prints, Hala Kahiki and Main Squeeze, is July 5th! Do you have a favorite fit feature of the new Swim Diaper? Share it with us in the comments or give us your favorite #ThirstiesTip
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