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The Potty Training Fight: Not worth the battle...for now.

Potty Training Fight. Bert Anderson for Thirsties
Well, I thought my daughter was ready to potty train this past December. She exhibited the signs: dryness when she woke up from her nap, telling me when she went in her diaper and then wanting it changed, and she was showing interest. One Saturday morning we decided that we would just dive right in. The first week went well; better than I had expected. She even pooped on the potty which is something my son struggled with when we were training him. Then the busyness of the holidays happened and little by little she became more careless. After a few weeks we started to just let her walk around the house pantless. Man, I got tired of looking at her naked little bottom half! So, I thought that perhaps we just needed to be persistent and have her wear underwear around the house so she got used to the idea that even though she was wearing something she still had to actually use the toilet to relieve herself. We had a few mishaps but for a week things were looking up. Then a change happened and everything went downhill; it's unexplainable really. I think the problem started because of our busy schedule. Three days a week my son has preschool and, naturally, his little sister is along for the ride. When we're out and about I have been using disposable trainers so basically, there's nothing uncomfortable about having an accident in a Pull-Up. It was a few accidents here and there when we were away from home and then she was consistently having accidents at home. I took away the underwear and went back to her being pantless when we were at home. No such luck, suddenly she was peeing all over the floor like she did when she was 18 months old (she's 32 months now). So, I've gone back to using diapers on her and you know what? She's completely fine with that. She hated being told what to do and the battle of wills has just been too much for this pregnant mama to bear! For some reason, it was a hard pill to swallow. I felt like it was my fault; did I push her too soon? The more I think about it, the more I begin to believe that she really was showing me that she was ready. Now, for whatever reason, she just doesn't care. It's not my fault and eventually she'll be interested again. She's been back in cloth diapers for four days now and she isn't bothered by it at all. One day she'll be out of diapers today just isn't that day.
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  • I am pregnant with #9 and potty training is not my favorite part of parenting :) As we have more they are older when we start potty training… just have to wait til they are ready, not try to force the issue with them, just way to many accidents when you try before they are ready, and they can be stubborn when they are not ready :)

    Stacie Larson on
  • We moved last fall so I put off training our oldest until after we were settled in. It’s hard on little ones to go through so many big changes all at once! She will let you know when she is ready to try again. And as her momma you know what’s best for her! :)

    Ruth on
  • Thanks for writing this. My son’s the same age (and I’m pregnant too!) and while I don’t want 2 in diapers at the same time, he just doesn’t care about potty training. Maybe I’ll reintroduce the idea again in a month or so, but right now, it’s diapers ahoy.

    Talia on
  • I am not much help with this topic as I am currently pregnant with my first baby. The only thing I have ever heard about potty training is that the child has to be ready or it will not work. I truly wish you great luck and vast improvement on your potty training! :)

    Tanya on
  • I do not understand why parents try so hard at potty training. If you wait until the kid is really ready you don’t have to try much at all!

    Catherine BW on

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