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Thirsties New Colors and Hook & Loop!

New Hook & Loop We spent the majority of this year in quest of a hook & loop that has a longer life cycle and is stronger than what is currently available on the market. We have found what we believe to be the strongest and most durable hook and loop on the market - making the convenience of this closure option even more attractive. We have increased the size of the bullets in order to provide additional surface area for improved hold. While we were at it, we also increased the size of the laundry tab to ensure that the hook doesn’t detach during the wash cycle and get caught on other garments in the wash, resulting in broken hooks and decreased performance.  The increased size will yield improvement in the following areas.   blog_h-l-peel-sheer_675x162 Color Consolidation The fabulous colors and prints from the Duo Line (Duo All In One, Duo Fab Fitted, Duo Wrap) are going to be carried over to the Diaper Cover Line. All of the current colors from the Diaper Cover line will be discontinued with the exception of two of the favorites; aqua and celery - which will carry on in both lines. Making all colors and prints available in all lines will enable us to introduce new prints more frequently, thereby keeping your Thirsties line-up fresh and new. We will not be adding any new colors to the Duo Fab Fitted Line.
  We hope you love the new changes!
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  • Can’t wait to try the new diapers!

    Michelle Lee on
  • I just bought an AIO with the new H&L and I LOVE it so far! We used the old H&L on our size one duo wraps and they did wear out more quickly than I would have liked. I plan on getting a few more of the new H&L AIOs for when my little girl is being watched by grandmas or sitters.

    Ashley F on
  • Love the new colors!! Just got two yesterday in the mail and can’t wait to try them!!!

    Joy W on
  • Is the new hook and loop on the Thirsties Duo Wraps, too?

    Tami on
  • Excited to see how the new hook and loop works

    Amanda on

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