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Bagging up 2022 with Simple Pods

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Can you believe 2022 is almost over? A year full of ups and downs, for some of our Thirsties families new additions to the family mean a few more years of new diaper purchases, or maybe a milestone of the "baby" growing out of diapers, bring on a bittersweet avalanche of emotions and thoughts and what the future looks like post-diapering stages. Whether you are new to our brand, or have been solidly a fan for many years, let's chat about what 2022 meant to us.
....and what just *needs* to go!
1) Our new Simple Pods have two sizes to carry everything we need for diaper changes and more! Baby carriers, art supplies, rain gear, sporting gear, it all finally has a place.
2) While we are at it, all of that unnecessary guilt that we pile on ourselves in quiet moments needs to be zipped up and stored away. Our babies are loved, cared for, and we need to stop thinking about what we didn't do, and reflect on how much we did do, and how much joy is on their faces because of it.
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3) Simple Pods give you *extra* storage for day trips, vacations, and all your travel needs. Sometimes having extra storage at easy-reach is priceless, especially on airplanes, car trips or with friends or family members helping out with your travel plans!
4) Extra storage to place all of our worries about the future is also a plus in our lives. Especially at the end of the day, instead of going down that familiar rabbit hole of worrying about all of the future "what ifs", re-route your thoughts to reflect on all you have overcome through present day, and know that you will find the strength and resources to tackle whatever life throws at you in the future.
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5) Our pods give our little ones the flexibility to tote their belongings to playdates, overnight trips, family travel and more! While you help pack their main suitcases, backpacks or luggage, let them choose what "extras" they want close by as they start to build their independent packing and planning skills.
6) Remind yourself what you want to keep close to your heart, instead of anxiety, worry, guilt or negative thoughts. You have worked tirelessly to provide a safe and healthy home for your family, which will impact their children, and countless other generations. You bring warmth to so many people, and your hard work does not go unnoticed! Remind yourself throughout the day that you are carrying positivity with you, and every day is a clean slate. You are a wonderful addition to this world, and your children will continue to witness that as they grow. 
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