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Cloth Diaper Trials

Picture Courtesy Earth Angels Diaper Co[/caption] Cloth Diaper trials are programs that allow you to pay a deposit on a certain number of diapers and try them out for a select period of time. The deposit is almost fully refundable if you send all of the diapers back, which makes it a very affordable way to try out diapers before you buy a whole stash. (The diapers do need to be sent back clean and  in good condition.) Diaper trials are very useful for those who are not sure what kind of diaper will work for them and their baby, or for those who are not sure what brand to choose. Some programs have preselected items, and some programs allow you to choose exactly which diaper(s) you would like to try. Below are some links to some of Thirsties retailers that offer cloth diaper trials: USA: Diaper Daisy Custom Cloth Diaper Trial (You choose) Earth Angel Diaper Company Try Me Kits (You choose) Itsy Bitsy Bums Total Economy Trial Package (Preselected) Itsy Bitsy Bums Economy+Convenience Trial (Preselected) Itsy Bitsy Bums Overnight Cloth Diaper Trial Program (Preselected) Itsy Bitsy Bums Newborn Rental Program (Preselected) Jillian’s Drawers Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program (Preselected) Jillian’s Drawers Newborn Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program (Preselected) Modern Cloth Diaper Trial Program - Standard (You choose) Modern Cloth Newborn Cloth Diaper Trial Program (You choose) Modern Cloth Customizable Cloth Diaper Trial Program (You choose) Mom’s Milk Boutique 30 Day Fling with Fluff (Preselected) Nell’s Natural Baby Pick Your Own Trial Pack (You choose) Nicki’s Diapers 15 Day Wash Diaper Trial (You choose) Sew Crafty Baby Cloth Diaper Trial Package (You choose) Squishy Tushy 30 Day Trial Kit (Preselected) Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique (You choose) Canada: Plush Pants Cloth Nappy Trial Scheme (You choose)   If you know of any other retailers that offer Thirsties diapers in their cloth diaper trials, give us a shout so we can add them to the list! You can email me at



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  • I can’t recommend a rental or trial package enough! We used one when we switched to cloth diapers for Oscar when he was a year and a half old. I don’t know how we would have been able to choose a system we liked without spending loads of money if there wasn’t such a thing as these packages. (We wrote about the trial package we received and the decision to switch to cloth last year.)

    The Mrs on
  • I am starting a cloth diaper bank in Springfield MO! Cover Your Bum Diaper bank. Check us out on fb

    Kelly Evans on
  • This is an awesome way of introducing new moms to cloth diapering if you have babysat a child that is cloth diapered and like the ease of cloth diapers

    Stephanie Veliz on

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