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Cloth Diapering on a Budget 💰

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It is that time of year where some families may be seeing a tax refund. Or maybe you have found room in the budget to make a diaper purchase every paycheck, or every other. Throughout the year, you may see that there is a tiny bit of room to squeeze in one more cloth diaper, to replace a disposable in your daily routine.

(And hey, if you only have 2-3 cloth diapers to use, that saves over 300 disposables over the course of your baby's time in diapers)

Best Diapers for Your Budget

So, which diapers will help your dollar stretch the furthest? To best answer this, let's chat about a few things:
  • Do you primarily need cloth for ease of use? Than an all-in-one diaper may be the best fit. One piece on and off, easy to launder, most appealing to a wide range of caregivers.
  • Do you need to get the most changes out of as few pieces possible? Then a cover/Duo Wrap + 2-3 absorbent inserts might be best. Covers can be reused through the day unless they become sopping wet or soiled with solid waste. If you are changing the absorbent part inside with a few inserts through the day, you can really stretch that diapering dollar. If you wish to have a full time collection of this style of system, you only need 8 covers or  Duo Wraps + 24 absorbent interiors, making this a more affordable option.

Once you have narrowed down how you wish to invest:

  • Build Your Collection Overtime: Many families don't purchase their entire cloth diaper collection at one time and there are benefits to growing your collection slowly. 2 diapers each paycheck gives you enough diapers for full-time cloth in 6 months
  • Add cloth diapers to your registry: Cloth diapers are truly the gift that keep on giving! Many of our retailers, big and small, offer registry options. Another benefit of registering for cloth is the opportunity to educate friends and family about eco-conscience diapering.
  • Shop the Thirsties Outlet: Find great deals at the Thirsties Outlet where we offer first-quality merchandise with minor cosmetic differences. All products are fully functional, and our full warranty applies to functional defects.


We recently discussed this on our business page, check out this Youtube video for a more detailed discussion


Please know if you find yourself having to choose between spending money to diaper your child and paying for other necessities there is help. The Cloth Option is a wonderful nonprofit that sees reusable diapers as a viable solution to diaper need. Families can apply to receive cloth diapers and The Cloth Option is also a great resource for cloth diapering support.

Has cloth diapering helped your family's budget, we'd love to hear about it. Thanks for reading and happy cloth diapering!

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