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Flats, the Perfect Diaper!

'Tis the season to have a fa-la-la-la-la-t diaper discussion!
image of rolled flat diaper

Perfect in Versatility

At 27.5 inches wide and long, made from 100% organic cotton, this unassuming little diaper can work in a myriad of ways. Flat fold, pad fold, kite fold, origami fold, bikini fold, no matter what fold or form you use, flats offer all-around protection from leaks, truly a nearly perfect way to diaper and keep everything contained. Flats are also great for adding to pocket diapers!
image of baby in cloth diaper
For a newborn who needs frequent diaper changes, to the toddler who needs side protection from quick floods, flat diapers keep both their versatility and absorbency for years. Without snaps or elastic, the longevity can't be beat, just make sure you don't use bleach, vinegar, or other caustic washing additives! Flat diapers hold up so well because they are easy to clean and quick to dry.
image of flat diaper inside diaper cover
Fold for length for taller babies, fold width-wise for shorter/younger babies
image of flat cloth diaper
A generous size for so many options!
(And for parents with curly or wavy hair, they are a great size for "plopping" with the curly girl method of drying!)
After your baby is done with them...
- Retired flats make great cleaning rags
Have you tried using flats? We'd love to hear about your experience!
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  • Can you explain more about why vinegar couldn’t be used?

    Kendra on
  • I wish I had tried flats sooner! They are so versatile and easy to care for too!

    Brook E on
  • I wish I had tried flats sooner! They are so versatile and easy to care for too.

    Brook Escobedo on
  • I wish I had tried to use flats sooner. They are so versatile and easy to clean!

    Brook E on
  • I love my flats and pre folds! They’re so durable and thirsty ☺️

    Lisa on

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