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Green up your holiday gift giving!

Green up your holiday gift giving on Thirsties Blog
It's the season of gift giving and what better time to buy some of those green products you won't normally spend on yourself? I've been amazed by how much my lifestyle has changed since I started using cloth diapers on my babes. I'm more aware of what goes on my skin, my children's skin, as well as the everyday household products we use. So think outside of the box and give your loved ones the gift of green and clean! Clothes, Suds, and Dryer Balls - I think the easiest place to start greening up your laundry is by getting rid of dryer sheets with fabric softener. Those puppies are nasty little things when you look at everything that's found in them!  (Click here for a detailed account of why I made the switch.) It may take some getting used to; your clothes may not feel as soft  because you're getting rid the fabric softener and they won't be scented. You know what though? Clothes shouldn't smell like flowers or that fresh linen scent! Replace the dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. They not only do a great job of fluffing your laundry but they speed up drying times by moving the damp clothes around. For optimum performance you should have at least six balls in use. If you're dying for that scented clothes smell try adding a drop or two of essential oils to your dryer balls. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who has the Greenest Skin of All? Whatever you're putting on your body is going to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream; after all, your skin is one of your body's largest organs. Start out by changing your body wash/soap and switch it up for an all natural one. I use the website, Environmental Working Group, and their Skindeep Database to find the safest option for myself and my family. One of my favorite skin care products is a small mom-run business called Jenuinely Pure; its based out of Iowa and was founded on the principles of creating a truly natural product at an affordable price. I also have finally found an all natural deodorant that works and that I like!!! I don't know if buying someone deodorant is something everyone gift recipient would appreciate, however, with your armpits being the gateway to your lymph nodes, you have to be aware of what you're putting there. I've tried a lot of natural and organic brands that just haven't done the trick. By the mid-afternoon I'm stinking to high heaven! I love Primal Pit Paste. It lasts throughout the day and it is incredibly safe to use. Be forewarned though, this is a deodorant only. You should sweat, it's a natural job of your body to get rid of toxins. At the same time using an antiperspirant plugs your sweat glands preventing them from doing their job. Toys for all the Girls and Boys - Ever thought about buying natural toys for that little one of your gift list? With the scary realization back in 2007 that lead was found in the paint from toys manufactured in China, more and more parents are looking for all natural, made in the USA toys. A few that I've found and thought looked great are toys from American Toy Company (found here on Thirsties' retailer Peapods in Minnesota), Glob Colors Fruit and Veggie Based Paints, Green Toys, and Sparklehearts, all natural beauty products for girls. And naturally, there's the gift of cloth...diapers! Think cloth diapers, wet bags, you name it!
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  • I am giving cloth diapering accessories to friends who are expecting!

    Sara P. on
  • Love this post! I’ve been making presents for friends this Christmas from re-purposed items. I got some great GREEN ideas from this blog. Thanks!

    Meagan Hart on
  • I was really feeling the non-greenness of the wrapping part of gift giving this year :-( These are all great ideas for more green presents, and next year, I’m really going to work on making the presentation of the gifts more green too. My mother-in-law put presents into memory boxes, which I thought was a really neat idea!

    Amy on
  • Love dryer balls!

    Johnny Rachel Miller on
  • I would definitely be excited to receive a good quality natural lotion. My mother-in-law gave me some as a thank you gift when she visited a couple of years ago, and I love it. This year, though, what I really want is for my two-year-old to give me five months of no diaper changes so I can have a break before the baby comes in May.

    Marcelaine on

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