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Halloween--Just for Kids or Fun For All?

Kate the Black Cat, Cooper the crabby Robin and Lauren a Monster High Doll
  Halloween is a fun time of year for most families with small children. It's also a little stressful--finding the perfect costumes, the over-consumption of junk food, keeping track of your Trick or Treaters on dark streets. Thankfully Cooper wants to be a ghost this year...a pillow case with some eyes cut out. That's his idea of a costume. Three cheers for low maintenance! My girls on the other hand, have always been more particular about their costumes. This year we will have a ghost, a black cat and a witch. Unfortunately, Kate the black cat, now wants to be Elsa because her best friend is being Elsa. Kate was also a black cat last year (see picture) but since the Elsa costumes are all sold out she's decided she'll just be a cat again (unless she changes her mind at the last minute and goes as something else entirely). Until I had children of my own, I wasn't a huge fan of Halloween as an adult. Once I outgrew my own childhood desire to dress up, I went through an Anti-Dressing Up for Halloween Stage that lasted until Lauren was a toddler. Suddenly Halloween was fun again because I had an appreciative audience--my child who got a kick out of seeing mommy and daddy look silly. This year I'll don a hot pink wig and some funny glasses and call myself Crazy Mommy. My husband's favorite go-to costume is an alarmingly realistic mullet wig that looks alarmingly natural on him and some fake teeth. One thing that I love about living in the suburbs, that I didn't have growing up in rural Vermont, is that we live in an actual neighborhood. It makes for good old-fashioned-family-friendly Trick or Treating. We know at least a dozen of the families around our block and it feels really safe  to trail behind our little creatures, princesses and ghouls, just enough to let them feel like they are on their own. It also means that we get lots of trick or treaters, another thing we never had growing up--both little kids with their parents and partially-costumed teenagers. We give out candy happily to anyone who knocks. Who are we to spoil the fun of someone who just wants to celebrate? Our kids will be that age before I know it. Even when they are gangly, braces-wearing zombies with a little acne on their chins, they'll always be my little ghost, my black cat and my little witch which is why I really enjoyed this blog in the Huffington Post: What You Need To Know About Six Foot Trick or Treaters. What are you kids dressing up as for Halloween? And if you have a diaper wearing infant or toddler, under what costume will you stuff their fluff?            
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  • My son is going to be a dinosaur. He just turned 2 in July, and he is so excited! He has been saying “Happy Halloween!” for the past month just about! ;) I’m excited to start our Trick-or-Treating traditions with him this year. It is his 3rd Halloween, but it will be the first where he’s old enough to “get” it!

    Kristen Brown on
  • We have an awesome neighborhood and get 200-250 kids that come through for trick or treating. I love seeing all of their creative costumes, and need to start writing them down for when my little one gets bigger. :)

    Jes W.S. on
  • My 2 month old will be a pumpkin. Since we’re already taking my little sister trick or treating, we’re taking the baby along with!

    brittany on
  • I’ve never dressed up for Halloween before, so this year is going to be fun! My son is almost 6 months old and I plan to dress him up as a little scientist. I made a lab coat out of parts from one of daddy’s old button-downs and some glasses out of pipe cleaners. He has a onesie with a tie on it that I will put under the lab coat. My husband and I will also be dressed as scientists; our costumes are made up of old lab coats from nursing school, old goggles from chemistry, a couple pairs of dishwashing gloves, ‘cheater’ glasses, and a vase that has been painted to look like a beaker (for the candy of course, we’re staying home to pass some out to the neighbor children). I’m so excited, I’m going to get some really cute pictures, I just know it!

    Jessica M. on
  • I have actually dressed up with my kids the last few years since the costumes have involved babywearing. This year we are going as a Star Wars theme!

    Beth R on

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