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I'm an Aplix Babe, What are You?

AplixBabeSassySnapsCall me crazy but I am an Aplix loving mama and sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one. I know that can't be the case; surely one of you reading likes Aplix. My oldest, Brennan, was very easy to distract during diaper changes. When he was still in diapers snaps were still fairly new to the cloth diapering scene so my stash consisted primarily of diapers that had Aplix closures. Then my daughter Kendall came into the world and the cloth diapers that I used to make her stash were snaps. That's when I realized that I preferred Aplix over snaps. If you prefer snaps or simply haven't tried Aplix you may be asking yourself, "Bert, why do you like Aplix? It wears and tears with washes. Sooner or later you have to replace it and what a pain that will be!" That may be true but there are many other benefits to Aplix and I'm ready to list them out to you:  
  • Fast diaper changes: If you have a squirmy baby like my little Kendall then all of those snaps can be a major pain. Aplix makes for an uber fast diaper change. You don't have to match up snaps to get the perfect fit. Wham bam thank you ma'am, diaper change doneso! 
  • Less intimidating for those who aren't familiar with cloth diapers. My mom always comments on the number of snaps on some of my newer diapers. It's not that it's more difficult to use a diaper that has snaps but in my opinion it's the intimidation factor.
  • No indents on baby's skin. Now, this is probably more telling in how I put a diaper on than anything else but I have found that some snaps leave an indentation on the hips of my daughter. Is it a deal breaker? No, but it just further cements my feelings on Aplix.
This is why I love Thirsties; they offer BOTH my beloved Aplix and the close second is, of course, snaps. And my all time favorite diaper cover is Thirsties' diaper cover...look at the closure. Mmmmhmmm! I rest my case. Tell me, are you an Aplix Babe or a Sassy Snaps Mama?
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  • I like the convenience of Aplix but I don’t like the damage it can do to my hand knit wool soakers. My husband never remembers to use the laundry tabs (thankfully I only have 2 Aplix diapers. I got them in a giveaway) and about the third time I found my first cloth diapered child playing in his poo that was it for me. I was a snap girl from then on. :)

    Julie on
  • Good arguments

    sarah on
  • Aplix – always a perfect fit even when she’s squirmy

    Sarra on
  • Aplix all the way. My reason is they are faster to change and the fit is easier to adjust in the waist. This makes it easier to get it on snug quickly so I don’t have leaks. Fast and no leaks makes a happy mom!I can change my Duo wrap and insert faster then a disposible. I haven’t had to replace my Aplix yet. I know it is coming but I don’t mind. That I can do over a week while baby is napping. I am using a piece of aplix from tab to tab of Duo wrap on my 4 olders wraps now. This is working well and has givem my some extra time to replace my Aplix.

    Jody on
  • I’m undecided. I only had snaps when my daughter was younger but now we have a few aplix and I love the convenience. My daughter is 2 and hasn’t tried to remove the diaper so far. I’m hoping it continues to work for us. Time will tell.

    Crystal on

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