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Pregnancy Update: We're into the 3rd trimester...I want to meet my baby!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I'll be 32 weeks pregnant. Technically only eight more weeks to go, however, it feels like an eternity. Yes, I'm a little uncomfortable now and doing the normal mommy tasks like changing Kendall's diaper on the floor is daunting. Overall, it's not been all that bad. I've mentioned before that I live in Minnesota and the winter (like much of the US) has been relentless. Yesterday we had our first taste of spring with a high of 60*F! Supposedly today we're going to have another winter storm. Sure it's rain/snow mixed, however, I think I may throw something breakable out the window if I see that white falling from the sky. I think that's one reason why I'm just so ready to be done with this pregnancy. I'm ready for a change of scene and if I'm not going to get it from the weather than by golly I want to see my new baby!

30 weeks pregnant on Thirsties

The other reason why I'm so ready to be done with this pregnancy is because I have no clue what gender the baby is. If you remember we didn't find out with this pregnancy and despite my wanting to know I honored my husband's wishes to be surprised. We had found out the gender with our first two pregnancies and he's always wanted to be surprised. It's the least I could do for him (to fully understand this you'll have to read my previous post). This past week alone I have had three friends have their babies. I want my baby!! Not knowing what the gender is has been killing my patience (and I'm not a patient person to begin with). I love this baby growing inside of me but the surprise of the gender kind of makes me feel like the baby is ambiguous. I don't want to think of it as one gender more than the other because if it's wrong I don't want to be thrown off. I also don't really have a preference for any gender over the other. I know the baby's movements, a basic schedule, and I can kind of picture my baby but it's definitely not the same as my other pregnancies. If I could do it all over again here's what I would do:
  • Baby #1 would be a surprise because I could focus solely on the pregnancy and nothing else. Having other children to care for has really kept me busy and distracted so I rarely lay around soaking in all of those pregnancy moments you have as a first time mom.
  • Baby #2 and #3 would not be surprises for the mere fact that I do not have time to be still and focus on my baby. By knowing the gender of my second child before her birth I was able to think about her, dream about what she would look like while I was chasing my oldest around the house.
That's my little update...I'll do my best to be patient. I mean I don't really have any control over when I'll meet this child. In the meantime I'll get to know his or hers quirks until I can see this child face to face.
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  • I don’t think I could ever not know. I’m to impatient and am so glad my DH is ok with knowing. I want to know if I should plan for a boy or a girl next time as well.

    Rae C on
  • My husband is the only one who knows the gender of baby #3 coming in late May. For me it has been good to not know this time around. In general I haven’t put as much attention or thought into this pregnancy as I have for the other two because I’ve been busy finishing my last year of school and taking care of my kids, and for some reason not knowing the gender has been a good arrangement for me. I also like that I haven’t had to deal with people “voting” about their favorite name from our list. But I am still getting impatient for Birth Day to arrive! It still seems like so far away, and the last couple of months are so long!

    Marcelaine on
  • I loved not finding out what we were having until birthday with our first and towards the end I just wanted to hold the baby in my arms and to know what we were having especially since we really did not have much in the way of clothes and I just wanted everything ready so for our next we will find out either way the last weeks are always the hardest so hang in there!

    Camille J on
  • So exciting! congratulations!

    Tammy on
  • Congratulations on #3! We’re due with our first in June and can’t wait to meet our little boy! I admire you for keeping the sex of the baby a surprise!

    Lina on

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