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The Ghost behind the Post

Do you ever feel that the person on the other end of the email, post, or telephone call is like a ghost… that it is hard to connect with them and that they will vanish after the connection is lost? I certainly have had that experience. I wanted our readers to know that here at Thirsties, we try to let our customers/colleagues know that we are here to help, and we will be here if they need or want to contact us.
image of ghost
We are a small but growing company. We are not a huge corporation with hundreds of employees. We are a small team with multiple functions and duties to perform every day. You might call, email, or send a chat, and may get the same person who writes the blog article or Facebook posts. That is one plus of smaller companies! We are everyday people, just like you, who have chosen this as our profession. Our customer service team has experience with cloth diapers, and tries to offer the service and attention that we would expect ourselves. Our sustainable mission is to get as many babies to wear cloth diapers as possible. We know that cloth diapering can come with challenges and a lot of questions, and that is what we are here for. Want to find out more about us? You can find our staff on our website: Click on the About Us tab, and then click The Team. You can see my profile on the Thirsties blog as well. I am Sonya, and I have the opportunity to speak with customers via chat, phone, and email, as well as posting on Facebook, and the Thirsties blog. I am on Customer Service in the mornings Monday through Friday. Jessica is on customer service in the afternoons. That is it! I try to be welcoming, as if you were speaking to a sister or a friend. I think that is important, as we are all on this earth to help one another. I believe in cloth diapering, and being sustainable. I am so glad that I can be a part of it! My cloth diapering days are done, but the knowledge I gained at home and via work allows me to continue in the vision. Thanks to all of you who support us! ~Sonya....the one on the right :)
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  • Thanks for making yourselves accessible!

    Jennifer B on
  • Thanks Sonya

    Hayley Wagner on
  • I love doing business with smaller companies. Keep up the good work.

    Rebecca on

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