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They've updated my favorite TV characters...and I don't think I like it.

Brennan, my almost five year old son, for whatever reason has discovered and fallen in love with Strawberry Shortcake. Watching him enjoying movies and TV shows that I loved as a child has been so much fun, however, I have a big bone to pick with all of these updated characters.

Let's look at the Strawberry Shortcake that I knew and loved. I loved her so much that I bought my mom a Strawberry Shortcake video tape for her birthday when I was four years old. (Okay when I say, "I bought" I meant my dad bought.) Now, she's "updated" and, well, really pretty! What about the younger looking Strawberry who was more like me as I was a child? I don't have any qualms with bringing back classic TV characters but why do we have to update them?

StrawberryShortcakeOldandNew.Thirsties.Bert Anderson

Then, I found My Little Pony on our Netflix queue. I loved My Little Pony so much! The fun hair, that pony smell the toys had when you opened their package; ah I loved everything about them. The updated version looks so different! I'm not even sure what the premise is for the show now and to be honest I didn't really know what the original My Little Pony story was because I was more into the toys than the TV show. MyLittlePonyOldandNew.Thirsties.Bert Anderson We have everything from Littlest Pet Shop (one of my sister's favorites) to the ever changing and popular Barbie. These characters are brilliant but in order for them to sustain popularity with today's kids perhaps they need a new look? Or maybe the new look is geared towards us, the parents, the keepers of those dollars? Whatever the case, there's one character that hasn't seemed to make a comeback in a new updated version and I have to admit that I'm happy about that. Who is it? It's my favorite, Rainbow Brite. She hasn't seemed to attract the attention of modern day toy makers and I'm more than okay with that. Look at her? She's so sweet! I've seen some "updated" versions of her and I don't know, she's way too grown up for my taste. Oh and don't even get me started on the horror that is Pluto, the star, not the planet. 
Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, in the "...
Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, in the "Brand New Day" song from the Star Stealer movie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] What characters were your favorite from your childhood? Have they come back and if so are they updated? What do you think?  
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  • Carebears got an update… And needless to say I am not pleased!

    Gabby D on
  • I agree! My son will find something on Netflix and watch it, and I’ll think “oh its from when I was a kid, I know it and its ok” but then he turns it on and it is all revamped, and way different from when I was a kid. I do not like all the reworked cartoons. I prefer the older ones that are not as violent or mature as they make them for audiences today.

    Michele Rodocker on
  • yes i cant stand the new my little ponies

    Lauren on
  • I loved Strawberry Shortcake, and honestly at that age I really didn’t care how she looked. My problem with the update is that they made her more thin and glamorous. The old version was chubby cheeked and kind of rag doll looking. Even the pose of the new version is flirty. I worry about the message our new media is sending to little girls about what qualities we value.

    Carly T on
  • I’m okay with the Strawberry Shortcake makeover because she’s clearly still a little girl, maybe a young tween at most. The original is a little too Holly Hobbie-like. I do not like the Rainbow Brite update. She looks like a Barbie now! Yuck!

    Aryn on

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