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Thirsties New One Size All In One Diaper is here!


We are thrilled to introduce Thirsties new One Size All In One diaper. This diaper's sleek new design truly challenges the convenience and trim fit of a disposable diaper, but it also offers one size adjustability, increased absorbency, and faster drying times. Our new One Size All in One diaper is almost twice as absorbent as the original, and the fastest drying diaper we've ever created!  All this rolled up into a stylish, comfortable and extremely effective cloth diaper your customers will love.

Product Highlights:

  • One size: designed to provide a great fit on babies from 8 to 40 lbs
  • Absorbency: 40% more absorbent than our Duo All In One - now with 4 total layers of microfiber terry!
  • Dry time: Dries 3X faster than the Duo All In One - our fastest drying diaper!

Thirsties One Size All In One is now available at your favorite retailer!  Click here to visit or retailer locator or learn more on the One Size All In One Product page.


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  • sooooo excited to try a new AIO!!!

    michelle cheney on
  • These sound awesome!

    Nicole bunn on
  • With the insert attached at the front, that will make spraying it off easier than when attached in the back and covered so high you can’t clip it without the clip getting nasty.

    Jacki W. on
  • This is pretty exciting since most of our stash is OS diapers. We had some size 1 Thirsties (which I loved!), but the budget was tight when little man out grew them.

    Shalaina S on
  • I love that it dries faster. I have a duo AIO and it takes longer to dry than others.

    Amy J. on

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