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What is different about Thirsties prefolds?

A prefold is a flat diaper that is usually quilted and can be trifolded or fastened under a diaper cover. They are the workhorse of the cloth diapering world, and very affordable and versatile. Thirsties has strived to overcome many of the cons of prefolds in the design of the Duo Hemp Prefold:
  • image of cloth diaper
    We have the same amount of layers throughout, accept at the top which you can fold down
  • Patent-pending design is easy to clean, quick to dry, and grows with your baby
  • Made from buttery soft custom hemp jersey knitted in the USA (55% Hemp, 45% Cotton)
  • 25% more absorbent and much more durable than pure cotton
  • Maintains a trim and comfortable fit
  • Naturally antimicrobial
Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are designed for free-flow of air and washing water. Each panel is only 2 layers thick, permitting thorough cleansing with little effort and quick drying times. Our custom hemp jersey is as soft as your favorite t-shirt and it's knitted with love right here in the USA. Hemp is an ideal diaper fabric as it displays antimicrobial properties, is many times more durable, and is more absorbent than cotton. In fact, our hemp jersey is 25% more absorbent than a prefold of the same weight made from cotton alone! This translates into a very trim and effective cloth diaper with a hefty amount of absorbing power. Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are best trifolded into a trim cover, such as the Duo Wrap.
image of cloth diapers
Here is an illustration of the Trifold:
image of cloth diapers
Note: Sharp diaper pins and Snappi fasteners are made for woven fabrics, and thus can damage a knit fabric such as our Duo Hemp Prefold. Prefolds are very absorbent and versatile diapers. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable diapering option, prefolds may be your best bet! You can find our Duo Hemp Prefold at retailers around the globe: If you have any questions, please send them to me at  :)


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  • I love pre-folds because of how economical they are! I’ve only tried cotton pre-folds thus far and have found them to be quite easy to clean; in 6 months I’ve only stripped them once, and then only because we were going on a week-long vacation and I had the opportunity to wash all of them at once before the trip. Are the hemp really as easy to clean? It sounds like they might even be easier due to how thin they are, i just wonder about the fabric holding on to smells.
    Also, bummed you can’t use Snappis with them. I love the jelly roll fold. :(

    Andrea on
  • I didn’t know snappis could hurt these!

    christine kangas on
  • Wow, I’m glad you noted that Snappis shouldn’t be used on knit fabrics, I had no idea!

    Nikki Hurtsellers on
  • I have yet to venture into the prefold/cover world but have been doing research and these look so much easier than I thought! Also heard hemp is an amazing fabric to use!

    Jessica O on
  • I had one of the hemp prefolds when my guy was small, and it did work great. In fact, I should find it again and use it as an overnight doubler. I did us pins on it some, and it did cause small holes in the fabric. I never considered buying more in the larger size for that reason. Now if Thirsties would make a USA -made woven cotton prefold, I’d be all over it!

    Stephanie on

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