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📗🔗✂️ School supplies = Sustainability 🖍✏️📌

For many families across the country, it is that magical time of year when our little ones either return to school or begin their studies at home (or in co-ops!)

Wherever your "baby" is starting or continuing their learning, let's talk about the possibilities with keeping single use plastic bags at bay while toting their favorite supplies around!

Schooling means LOTS and LOTS of:

crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue, glue sticks, highlighters, dry erase markers, more crayons, pencils, pens, white out, still more crayons, post it notes, mechanical pencils, probably one more box of crayons...

And they need a place to keep them all! (Did I mention crayons?)

Pencil pouches are on every supply list, and our assortment of bags means that every need is covered, sustainably, and made in the USA <3 

Mini Wet Bags  are perfect for a wide assortment of school supplies, but beyond the primary school years, they are perfect for smaller first-aid kits, menstrual supply packs, school sport snack bags and more. 

Clutch Bags  are a little smaller for fewer or smaller supplies. Hand lotions, band aids, the possibilities are endless with these easy-to-tote little totes. 

Simple Pouch - perfect for lip balms, a few bandaids, hair ties, our smallest bag easily fits in any larger bag or a pocket for quick access to necessities 


image of school supplies in a bag


 Easy to wash, easy to use, no worries about wet things leaking out or smelly things causing odors in their backpacks. 


image of school supplies in a bag


 And many of our bags contain a sturdy snap handle to easily attach to larger bags!


image of school supplies in a bag

If your babies aren't in school yet, keep your diaper bag or purse manageable by organizing your needs into smaller bags. Grabbing medicine or first-aid supplies, sunscreen or cosmetics is so much easier when contained in mess-free bags! 

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Check out both our OUTLET and CLEARANCE pages, full of bags, diapers and more!

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