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Cloth Diapering Helpful How Tos

I thought it would be a good idea to have some “How Tos” referenced all in one place. Below is a list that may be handy to many of you! Please let me know if there is a “How To” article that you would like to see! We also have many FAQs on our website that are very useful if you need information or are having an issue with your diapers. Please send any questions to, and I will get them there. Happy Cloth Diapering!


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  • Thanks so much- Just starting cloth diapering so this is very helpful!

    Sarah on
  • I’m just curious as to what you meant by keeping the diapers out of the sun because it can break down the fibers, yet it also says to dry them in the sun to help remove stains… What am I missing? Thanks for the other good tips.

    Amber S. on
  • Thanks for these tips! They’re helpful for someone new to cloth diapering!

    Kelsey on
  • This is super helpful, thank you!!

    Ashley on
  • I love this! I’ve jus started CD, and these “How To” pages have been my lifesaver! Thank you for putting this together.

    Natalie Zohner on

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