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🧳 Tis the travel season 🧳

Let's hit the road!

(After we plan, pack, might be a minute)
If your family is taking a trip this summer, let's chat about tips and tricks for making it a summer to remember, rather than one you'd like to forget. 
image of family in car
  • By Car: Thirsties bags are the perfect way to keep your favorite toys, art supplies and snacks organized for longer car trips. They are great for soiled items along the way as well, keeping odors and wetness contained until you can get to your laundry station. Helping with car safety as well, our bags will keep loose projectiles contained and secured when your child(ren) is not playing with them.
  • By Air: Most airlines will allow our bags to be snapped onto your carryon, giving you a way to transport small things and have accessibility without paying for extra baggage. The perfect way to bring candy for your older children to suck on for takeoff and landings, as well as little card games and travel arts and crafts for the plane. Perfect for headphones as well!
  • By Boat: If cruising is in your future, you won't want to be lugging lots of huge backpacks around the boat while you experience everything there is to offer. Snap the handle of one of our Clutch or Mini wet bags around your wrist or diaper bag and have your must-haves on hand at all times. A great way to stow your ID cards and room keys while traveling as well. 

Let us know your favorite tips in the comments below!

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