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Just For Fun

  I love blogging. I love writing about my experiences with my kids, sharing ideas and tips, and getting feedback and hearing the opinions of the readers who leave comments. For the most part, I try to keep my blogs upbeat and positive, even while discussing something challenging--like a hospital stay with a sick child or the never-ending cycle called housework. But just for fun, here are a few examples of blogs I might write, followed by what I might really be thinking:   Instead of: 10 Fun and Easy Ways to Braid Your Little Girl's Hair I want to write: Crew Cuts: The New Look for Girls in 2014 Instead of: Six Recipes that Will Appeal to Even the Pickiest of Eaters I want to write: Welcome to the Trough: Self-Service Dinner at Our House Instead of: Sibling Rivalry: Why Can't We All Just Get Along? I want to write: The Trampoline: The Cage Fighting Ring Right in Our Backyard Instead of: Date Night, Keeping the Spark Alive I want to write: Date Night, What's That? Instead of: Holiday Recipes to Try With Kids I want to write: Flour, Sugar, Raw Eggs, and Too Many Bossy Little Helpers Elbowing Each Other Off the Stool: A Recipe For Disaster   If you could write a snarky blog today, what would you call it? Related articles
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  • Hahahaha I love it! I would write a blog called Pregnancy Glow: 9 months of bliss……. “where is the glow????”

    Anel on
  • Yes, yes, yes to the braiding your girl’s hair! I’m constantly being tagged in these ridiculous pictures of little girls who are apparently statues with amazing hair styles. I’m lucky if my rowdy, fearless, crazy little girl will sit still long enough for me to pull her hair into a messy, disastrous ponytail.

    Jami on
  • 10 ways to help your baby deal with teething. Teething a mom’s worst nightmare.

    heather schutte on
  • “Stylish Toddler Outfits” . . . “My kid wears a tutu and a cape every day and I don’t care anymore”.

    Ashley F on
  • Holy cow, this made me laugh. Especially the one about recipes with the kids. Today, my blog would be “How to get your overtired 3-year-old to take a nap with a screaming baby in the next room.”

    Keara B. on

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